Styling Wide Leg Jeans

Styling Wide Leg Jeans: 9 Must-Have Pieces

Wide-leg jeans have made a strong comeback in the 2022 fashion landscape. With exceptional comfort and the ability to look stunning on any body type, it’s no wonder people are ditching their skinny jeans for wide-leg jeans.

After wearing skinny jeans for over a decade, you might be totally lost on how you can style your wide-leg jeans. Read on for all the tips you need to stock your closet with the best pieces to look as gorgeous as ever in your new denim.

Crop Tops

One of the major reasons people are choosing wide-leg jeans is because of how it shapes the body. It helps provide more curves for a sassier look. The best way to offset the width of your bottom half is by cinching the waist. An on-trend way to do this is with a crop top.

Basic Tees

Even if you’re wearing simple denim wide-leg jeans, the pants steal a lot of focus. It’s what the eyes draw to. Keep your wide-leg jeans the focal point of your outfit by pairing them with basic tees, like a solid color or a graphic tee. To give yourself those illustrious curves, tuck the shirt into the jeans to cinch the waist.


Tucked-in blouses are a hot trend right now. Whether it’s a full tuck or a half tuck, everyone is loving this look. This style pairs nicely with wide-leg pants. It helps create the definition at the waist while playing into the baggy look of the pants. It’s a comfort chic win-win.

Blazer or Jacket

Wearing blazers casually is popular right now and jackets like trenches or shackets are very in style. They’re also a must-have with wide-leg jeans. These pieces are a great way to layer your look in the cooler months. Throw on a blazer over a solid white tee (that’s tucked in, of course), or add a shacket for a denim-on-denim look, which is also hot right now.

Heels and Boots

Another main reason people are loving wide-leg jeans is that it elongates the legs. A shoe option that adds to this taller appearance effortlessly is heels and boots.

Any type of heels or boots will work with your jeans, but some are just perfection. A strappy heel with your wide-leg jeans adds further definition to your look with a minimal appearance. Chunky heeled boots are also super fashionable with your jeans and are very reminiscent of the 90s, a decade of fashion that is definitely making the rounds again.

Flat Shoes

If a heeled shoe is not your thing or you don’t want to appear taller, flat shoes can also work really well. One of the greatest appeals of wide-leg jeans is comfort. Lean into that logic with a comfy pair of sneakers. The look feels simple but looks super chic.

Strappy sandals or ballet flats are also an excellent choice, for a similar reason to the appeal of strappy heels. A dainty heel will accentuate a curvy appearance for your body that leaves you looking stunning as you strut down the street.


Wide-leg jeans look best when your top is tucked-in. You can create even more of a focal point with your waistline by adding a belt. Don’t worry, you don’t need to pull out the super chunky belts of the early 2010s. Instead, opt for a basic black or tan belt with a stunning metal closure. This is another look that lends itself to 90s fashion.


While the clothing and shoes of a wide-leg jeans look tend to feel very understated, you can level up your look with a pop of accessories. Add a chunky gold necklace over a black crop top. Slide a few silver bangles on your wrist. Whatever type of jewelry you usually go for, consider adding it to your outfit to elevate the simplicity of your look.

Handbags and Clutches

The quintessential accessory for any woman is the purse. This is your opportunity to add a pop of chic to your effortless wide-leg jeans look. Small bags tend to look better to offset the baggy jeans so opt for a simple over-the-shoulder purse or square clutch.

Another trending fashion item that can pair well with wide-leg jeans is fanny packs. Yes, fanny packs are back in style. With your waist cinched and exposed, why not adorn it with a chic fanny pack? Not only will it be uber fashionable but it’s much more functional than carrying a purse or clutch.

With any selection of these items in your fashion arsenal, you’ll be ready to wow with your wide-leg jeans. This might be new territory for you, so play around with your look and have fun.

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