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Successful Ways to Build Your Career in Project Management and to have a great career

The one thing common among every person with a career is making sure that we work hard on our particular jobs. Project managers are not left behind. Having a PMP in today’s advanced world does not cut it. A lot is needed to accomplish a successful career and have a great one at that.

Below we talk about different ways that we can propel our careers in project management to higher heights.

Garnering experience: To be on the right career path, the essential aspect of project management is ensuring that you learn something new every day you wake up and go to work. Thus, it is vital to have experience in the job you want to be in. Certification is fundamental. But not as much as experience. It goes without much say that experience matters a lot for the advancement of your career. Titles are important but do not matter if one cannot deliver as expected.

Getting online Certification

Having credentials that clearly show what you know is very important. You can get online Certification by taking online classes. No one can hire someone without credentials at all. However, the key is to have at least several of these credentials to advance your career. It is important to note that having several certifications enhances the credentials you currently possess. A certified project management course, or even more in every step of your career, creates a path of success and advancement in your career.

Avoid being a PM zealot

Most project managers often use almost all project management tools in no particular method to try and accomplish their tasks. However, wise project managers identify which tools are appropriate for a specific assignment with the essential purpose of using them appropriately.

On the other hand, some PMs get attached to a particular method, most especially the one they are certified in, whether it goes with the current project being worked on or not. Therefore, it is vital to be aware of what tools work for a particular task to make an informed decision that will help in the advancement of your career.

Using the language of business as opposed to that of just project management

One needs to be articulated in a language easily understood by the people who have given you the work you’re doing. Thus, speaking project management jargon does not cut it but instead may confuse the people intended to understand what you’re saying. Therefore, make sure to articulate your progress, value, and estimates of the project using business terms that are understood by your audience.

Have clear career goals

The people you work with must be aware of your goals. It means actively communicating this with your superiors, mentors, and even co-workers where you want to be in the years you have set. Doing this means working closely with your leaders and supervisors and being assessed weekly or bi-weekly to determine your progress. It also means letting them know of your goals so they may help you grow based on them.

 Embracing complex projects and tough times

Most people are reluctant when it comes to this point. They tend to shy away from challenging projects, and to some point, prefer to blame others when they get to a challenging and demanding patch. However, the best way to learn, advance your career and be a successful project manager is by embracing the tough times and learning from them to better yourself and grow in your career. Note most people and companies look for problem solvers and promote people who can get the job done regardless of what they may encounter in the process.

Recognizing teamwork and Effort

Nobody is born knowing all, and no one has ever achieved their goals single-handed. Therefore, it is vital for a person intending to have growth in their career to embrace the spirit of teamwork. It means playing nice with others, treating people with respect as well as being firm. Thus having an attitude that may rub people off the wrong way does not help your career but makes it stand at a stalemate.

Keep in mind that every individual you meet in your career is your customer, so the purpose is to treat people with courtesy, a high level of professionalism, and a goal of offering high-oriented responsiveness. What this does is that it gives you a network of people on your side while garnering respect and making your career flourish.

Bottom-line, it goes beyond what you learn in school to advance your career in project management. However, with certifications, ethics, embracing the good and the bad, team spirit, and people skills, you are assured of growth in any particular area in your career.

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