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Supplementary Insurance – Dental Insurance for Kids

Dental insurance is like extra protection that can help pay for things like dentist visits, keeping teeth clean, check-ups, and fixing crooked teeth. Some health insurance companies offer this extra dental coverage. But getting approved for it gets harder as you get older.

In Switzerland, mandatory health insurance doesn’t encompass dental care expenses. Fundamentally, basic health insurance only manages treatment expenses in cases of major illnesses or accidents, unless a separate insurer covers them. Thus, obtaining dental insurance at the earliest opportunity is recommended.

A significant portion of Swiss children and adolescents find themselves requiring dental realignment, a fact that might come as a surprise. Professionals suggest that approximately every second to third child necessitates dental realignment, often achieved through the utilization of braces or similar methods.

The journey of dental realignment often comes with a significant financial commitment. Treating a significant misalignment of teeth or jaws can lead to a swift accumulation of costs. Similarly, correcting less severe dental concerns may entail expenses over a period of two to three years.

Coverage offered by insurance providers:

Different insurance providers offer varying compensation structures. Deductibles and coverage amounts can be tailored to individual needs. The advantages encompass a wide spectrum, from preventive measures to orthodontic interventions. The standard dental insurance plan covers the subsequent benefits:

  • Dental examinations (including X-rays, preliminary and follow-up assessments)
  • Oral cleaning (dental hygiene)
  • Procedures for root canals
  • Fillings for cavities
  • Dental prosthetics (such as bridges and dentures)
  • Orthodontic treatments (braces)
  • Surgical operations within the oral cavity (extraction of wisdom teeth)
  • Therapies for periodontal ailments

Whenever appropriate, supplementary dental insurance intended for children should additionally encompass covered services for orthodontic adjustments. This is because the alignment of teeth frequently undergoes substantial shifts during the growth phase.

What dental treatments and corrections fall under the coverage of supplementary health insurance?

Many extra health insurance plans help pay for fixing teeth, but only if a dentist says you need it after you already have the plan. Some insurance companies make you wait for a bit (between 6 months and 3 years) before they help with teeth.

Getting this special insurance when your child is very young can be a good idea. It’s best if you get it right after your child is born. Usually, you can still get this insurance before your child is 4 or 5 years old. But after that, it might be harder to find the right insurance, depending on how their teeth and jaws grow.

Some health plans that cover visits to the doctor also include help for fixing teeth in kids and teenagers. It’s really important to compare different extra insurance plans because they have different things they cover. With these plans, they usually pay for around half to four-fifths of the cost of straightening teeth, depending on which plan you choose.

Some extra health insurance plans have limits on how much they’ll pay for fixing teeth. For some plans, they only cover a certain amount each year. But fixing teeth with braces can cost more than that limit – it could go over 5000 francs. Right now, these extra insurance plans are some of the best for covering kids’ teeth fixing, and aligning. It costs around 10 to 20 francs per month for each child. Certain health insurance companies offer separate insurance just for teeth, not as part of another plan. But this usually costs more than getting it as a package deal. You can’t get certain types of extra coverage if you’re older than 18 to 30 years.

If it’s possible, dentists should use a standard cost guide for teeth work called the “Taxpunktwert.” This is important because some insurance companies only agree to pay a certain amount, like 3.10 francs, for each thing done. If your dentist charges more than that, you might have to pay the extra money or pick an insurance that lets you use higher costs.

Many kids need teeth correction, often with braces, and dental insurance can help with costs, but it is better to get it early. Supplementary health insurance often covers dental treatments, including teeth fixing. Some plans cover fixing if diagnosed after getting insured. Plans vary, covering around half to four-fifths of straightening costs. Dentists should use a cost guide, as some insurers pay fixed amounts. If your dentist charges more, you might pay extra or need better insurance.

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