Surfing: Awesome Trends To Help You Look The Part

Ever since this sport became popular in the 1960s, surf fashion began dictating trends that would persist for decades. Despite having its ups and downs, surfer style still keeps showing up everywhere, from the beaches to retail chains. Today’s trends place a strong focus on promoting creativity, innovation, and sustainability, as most brands and surfers endorse eco-friendly operations and products. Here are some tips for you to keep up with the latest trends in surfing fashion.

Board Shorts

As board shorts are the foundation of any decent surfer-style outfit, you can’t really begin to follow the surfer style without a pair. And no, these aren’t just your regular swim trunks. Board shorts are specifically designed for surfing, so they are typically knee-length. To facilitate moving on the board, they are also made from soft cotton blends. When it comes to their overall design, these clothing pieces tend to gravitate towards functional elements, like pockets of various sizes. Try to opt for a pair that can be worn in and out of the water and styled with many different shirts and shoes. A drawstring waistband where you can tie your shirt in for a more freestyle experience is also a good option.

Graphic Design

Shirts with logos and graphic designs on shirts are probably the largest trademarks of the authentic surfer culture. In warmer climates, you will find graphic surfer designs on brightly colored tank tops, while in the northern parts, long-sleeved shirts are available in the same style. Not only that, more and more board manufacturers use graphic design on their products as well. This is particularly true for Australian surfer brands, which typically produce the complete surfer gear. This means that if you find a logo you like on a shirt, you will probably be able to find it on some Firewire surfboards for sale as well, so you can complete your look. The best thing about these brands is that they use eco-friendly and sustainable materials, so apart from having tons of fun, you will get to contribute to a cleaner environment.


Whether you prefer the classic flip flops or slides, your footwear needs to be sturdy enough to hold up well to saltwater and at the same time, easy to slip on and off. They also have to be water-resistant – unless you want to be weighed down with your soaked sandals. Their bottom should be comfortable to walk on rocks and perform all kinds of movements as well. The design is up to your preferences and budget, however, keep in mind that it’s always better to invest in a good quality pair than constantly buying cheap ones. Not to mention the risk of injury inexpensive rubber thongs could present.


Since surfing is quite an intense water sport, jewelry is kept to minimal, and it’s mostly reduced to earthy-looking bracelets and necklaces. Braided hemp rope, shells, wood, and leather are popular materials as they all have natural origins and are made with sustainability in mind. This type of jewelry tends to look even better with a few different styles layered. However, if you prefer not to wear them together, you can always match them one by one to your clothing pieces.

Unlike jewelry, sunglasses are actually a must-have surfer accessory. Colorful shades are guaranteed to a sunny and breezy feel to your look, but they can do much more than that. A good quality, mirrored, and polarized pair will block the sun and protect your high from its harmful rays.

Traditional Combos

If you really want to hit that perfect surfer style mark, wearing a board shorts sweater combo should definitely do the job. On windy days, this will be particularly useful – your legs will be free to wet in the shorts, while the sweater will protect your back. And if this particular garment has a hoodie – even better. It’s recommended to opt for an oversized hooded sweater, which is comfortable, functional, and also one of the trendiest elements in surfer fashion. Get a couple of them in neutral colors, alongside a few pairs of shorts to match, and you will be ready to hit the waves with style.

Hopefully, you will find this article about surfing trends inspirational, and it will motivate you to find your own style for riding the waves. Of course, your choice of clothing pieces will be limited by the climate you live in, but you can still look stylish no matter what you are wearing. And when it comes to the price categories – keep in mind that high-quality materials that can withstand prolonged exposure to the elements will cost more. But then again, these materials are also produced in ethically sourced and environmentally friendly circumstances.

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