Surrogacy: How does the rented uterus work?

Bringing a child into the world is the desire of many couples but when this is not possible there are alternatives, let’s see which ones.

Crowning a dream of love, completing the couple, continuing the lineage, having an heir, are just some of the reasons that lead to having a child. Giving life to another human being is probably one of the most beautiful things but if this becomes impossible for health reasons, or for exceeding the natural age limit, the dream turns into a nightmare. When even hormonal treatments or assisted fertilization do not bring the desired result, most couples tend to give up thinking they are not destined to become parents. Many do not take into consideration the path of adoption because they consider it too complex but are oriented towards a practice that is not legal in many countries but in some countries of the world, such as the United States or Russia, motherhood is regularly recognized, depending on the state where the surrogacy process takes place. For example, if you want to be a surrogate mother in California, you should understand steps to become a surrogate in California.

The uterus for rent

In some states, just as it is possible to rent an apartment or a car, it is also possible to rent a uterus. Some may be horrified at this statement but this is what really happens in places where surrogacy is now an established practice and no or few are scandalized. On the one hand there are women, or men, who cannot have children for the most diverse reasons, on the other hand, there are young and fertile women who make their bodies available to give birth to children. Basically, thanks to surrogacy, these two different needs mutually satisfy each other, which in any case, regardless of everything, deserve the right attention.

The parties involved in this particular legal relationship are essentially the surrogate mother, that is the woman who materially offers her uterus, and the future parents of the child. A specific contract, signed between the parties, highlights the mutual obligations and establishes the compensation for the surrogate mother which varies according to the country of reference. This, broadly speaking, is what happens but many people wonder, when it comes to surrogacy, how exactly does the rented uterus work?

How does the rented uterus work?

Generally, the single, the heterosexual or homosexual couple who cannot have children or who, although they can have them, prefer another person to carry on the pregnancy for a variety of reasons, is aimed at a surrogate mother. Those interested in this practice turn to special organizations that follow future parents at every stage. Since the uterus for rent in some countries is absolutely forbidden and considered a crime, people who are oriented towards this alternative form of procreation must go to the countries where it is legal.

Once on site, the organization arranges an introductory meeting in which the various steps of the procedure are explained and the parties are allowed to get to know each other and become familiar.

With surrogacy, sperm and eggs from applicants or donors and donors are implanted through in vitro conception. Women who rent their uterus do it, in most cases, for profit, some however lend themselves for solidarity purposes, for example as happens between sisters or friends of which one is sterile and the other carries on pregnancy in its place.

If the child is born in a foreign country where surrogacy is considered legal, the birth would be registered in the country in which it took place and the child is therefore provided with a certificate.

Commonly, the birth certificate must be transcribed at the Municipality of belonging. If for heterosexual couples the procedure is relatively simpler as one automatically becomes the parent of the child born abroad, for homosexual couples the parent is only one, only the biological one, for the other the couple must go to the court asking adoption. 

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