Sustainability in childcare

Sustainability in childcare —creative activities to teach recycling to kids

Creative activities to teach recycling to kids

The Earth is weeping! We are almost losing it! Well, the only way to save it and the generous natural resources we so carelessly use is practising sustainability seriously. Don’t you know the kids today are the future of tomorrow? You might be well aware of the value of these natural resources and know the ways to conserve them. But what about them? Don’t you think they should be aware of its important value as well? That’s why it’s important to teach the kids sustainability at this very age. So, whether you have a preschooler, a toddler or a primary school going kid at home – teach them this important value of sustainability if you want them to enjoy these natural resources as we did! And recycling is the most crucial part of sustainability.

Ø  Fun activities to make children aware of recycling at a tender age

When you finally decide that you want your child to be aware of sustainability and its importance, then you shouldn’t delay in getting the support from a good early learning centre like Kids & Co teaching sustainability in childcare. They ensure to seed this important value gradually but firmly in the children apart from teaching all the important values that make your child a better individual. But if you are looking for some fun activities to keep them busy and also teach them recycling properly, then get some ideas from the ones listed below:

o   Play shops and furniture with cardboard boxes — You shop online a lot, isn’t it? Well, after the lockdown, we all do! So, the result is tons and tons of cardboard boxes ready to be dumped when these can be easily recycled. Why not start it at your home! You can make a really good-looking shop front for your child and even a doll house with some furniture and appliances like an oven (using the smaller boxes), a refrigerator (using the rectangular shaped boxes), and so on. And guess what! If you are indulging the child in this activity, they’ll be busy for hours with you.

o   Swings with tyres — When your car tyres have seen better days and you don’t need them anymore, don’t dump them in the pile of the already piled up junk! Let them be of some use to you in the house. And to make it more exciting, make something amazing with them for your kid. Yes, you can attach a rope to it and hang it in the patio or the garden to create a swing for your little one. Your child will understand that recycling can be really fun and this tyre is sure to stay for years in your garden for the child.

o   Attractive pencil holders for your little one — Does your child’s study table seem a bit plain? We are sure he/she would love an addition of an attractive, funky, and functional pencil holder on it. So, grab the empty ice cream tubs and spare jars, decorate them nicely with paper and paint and let your child design a good pencil holder for his/her room.

All these items are totally attractive, fun, and are made using recyclable items. So, you don’t lose anything while making them — but yes, gain a lot. And most of all, you teach your child sustainability which he/she is going to remember for years to come.

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