The 4 Top Ways To Consume Your Cannabis

Cannabis is a substance that many people may still not be fully familiar with, despite how popular it is these days with how many dispensaries have popped up and how mainstream its usage has become. For a bit of education regarding cannabis use, here are the top four ways it can be consumed.

Edibles And Ingestion

Ingestion is a method of consumption to look at when you are looking at different options. The most popular option of oral consumption involves edibles but is not limited to that. An alternative to edibles is also cannabis drops or tinctures. These often look like CBD oils that can be consumed through a dropper through liquid cannabis extracts. These are dropped under the tongue in order to be absorbed almost immediately. Ingestion often takes longer to take effect when it comes to your cannabis, as it takes time to be digested and processed. Going back to edibles, it refers to cannabis being ingested when they are present in food or drinks. When you are taking edibles, you want to ensure that you remain patient and consume only a bit, to begin with. This is a mistake that many first-time users make, often consuming more than they can handle simply because they don’t feel the immediate hit or high. Their effects may take longer to fully feel, but can be stronger and longer-lasting, depending on how much you consume.


Inhalation is the most common method in which cannabis or marijuana is consumed. This is split into two ways, smoking, and vaporization. Smokers and those that subscribe to the smoking method can do this through rolled joints and blunts, with one using rolling papers while the other may use tobacco leaf or cigar paper.  Other common ways that you can smoke include the use of water pipes or bongs, or bubblers, which utilize water to help cool the smoke, making it potentially more beneficial in terms of health. These are of course only speculation and further studies need to examine this methodology as it pertains to your overall health and consumption of cannabis. Before you consider smoking, check out this link for more info. There are a huge amount of options to look at in order to weigh the options that are best suited for you. You can also look at smoking through hand pipes, which are small, portable, and easy to use without being overly obnoxious and bulky, while hookahs can be fun to use but less efficient in their need for cannabis. In order to gain the same effects of smoking through other methods, you have to use much more cannabis. However, if the desired outcome is a more casual consumption, this may be an option to consider.


Vaporization is another form of inhalation, which is the most common way people consume cannabis. In order to accomplish this, you will utilize a vaporizer, heating up your vape in order to gain the benefits from cannabis in its various forms. Some vaporizers may use the whole leaf, while others use a concentrate to get the same effects. These have become more common in their use and you may see them more often in public. This is also because some of the concentrated mixtures may have different flavors or even vary in terms of the amount of marijuana in them, making it appealing to those that may not be looking for the traditional inhalation methods but are still looking for something similar. Vaping is also a great transition for many to get away from smoking, slowly cutting out older habits.


When you are talking about topical consumption, this refers to the substance being absorbed through your skin, often applied with lotion or oil. Topicals don’t have the impact of giving you that high that comes with other consumption forms. Instead, its benefits are more for relief such as addressing aches and pains. This translates to soreness or inflammation and provides a great solution when you are not trying to get the psychoactive effects as well.

Cannabis can be consumed in a variety of ways, with each method providing different benefits. It is important that you take the time to educate yourself regarding its use. This can be helpful, especially for those that are new to using the substance or simply want a bit more education regarding the subject matter. Part of enjoying cannabis responsibility means not just understanding what you are putting into your body but also the methods you are doing so. If you have the right foreknowledge you won’t have to worry.

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