Cell Phones for Seniors

The 5 Best Cell Phones for Seniors

The ideal cell phone for the “senior market” is about lifestyle, preferences, and style. It accommodates reduces eyesight and hearing, is well priced, and has features that will make your life easier. It allows seniors to capture memories, connect with loved ones and even stay safe in emergencies.

Whether you are looking for a classic flip phone or a smartphone with advanced features, read on to discover the best cell phones for seniors.

  1. Jitterbug Flip: Best Flip Phone for Seniors

With no games, apps, internet connection, or other special features, the Jitterbug Flip is the best choice for simplicity. It is specially designed for making calls with a large keypad and large text. Users get simple “yes” and “no” buttons for a navigation menu.

It comes with a built-in urgent response button. The phone can also sync with GreatCall Link, an app that allows friends and family to monitor their loved one’s activity with the Jitterbug Flip. The app also provides access to emergency alerts.

  1. Jitterbug Smart2: Best Smartphone for Seniors

The Jitterbug Smart2 is great for tech-savvy seniors as it bridges the gap between simplicity and pricier modern smartphones. It comes with many useful features including a basic web browser, a GPS app, a 13MP camera, and an email client. These apps are easy to find because they’re on one screen, which has large fonts.

The SOS button is connected to the 5 Star medical alert service and the speaker works great with hearing aids. The battery allows for 17 hours of standby time or 12 hours of talk time.

  1. iPhone SE: Best iPhone for Seniors

T-Mobile is one of the best cell phone companies and the iPhone SE is a testimony of that. It offers that extra “oomph” for seniors who want a smartphone with the latest and best features. It has high-quality speakers that work with hearing aids, voice-to-text, a large retina HD touchscreen, and 12MP and 7MP cameras.

Users can Facetime with loved ones, watch 4K videos, store 256GB of data, and more. The phone’s large width is great for older hands. It alleviates security concerns with data encryption and TouchID on the home screen.

  1. BLU Joy: Best Affordable Cell Phone for Seniors

With a sleek and leathery backside and a sleek, shiny exterior, the BLU Joy boasts a more modern look. It is lightweight and offers a few entertainment features you wouldn’t get with most basic phones including built-in MP3 & MP4 players, a camera, and FM radio.

The user-friendly navigation and large keypad make this a great choice for senior citizens. It is a dual-sim phone and compatible with 2G carriers, allowing users to take advantage of different voice and data plans. The phone has a built-in SOS button, which is beneficial for those who have slow or limited mobility.

  1. GrandPad: Best Multi-Use Tablet for Seniors

The GrandPad is a smartphone/tablet that makes it easy for the elderly to more than just stay in touch with loved ones. Its 8” FullHD display, large menu buttons, and compatibility with 4G carriers make it a great choice, especially for seniors who will be receiving calls from people selling on the phone.

It supports voice and video calls, emails, and a stream of social media. It eliminates the need for pesky wires with its WiFi connectivity and ability to charge on the dock wirelessly. Last but not least, relatives can set up and manage the GrandPad for their loved ones.

Choose the Best Cell Phones for Seniors

If you are looking for where to buy cellphones for seniors, most of the above models are available online. Remember that the best cell phones for seniors should be easy to use and durable.

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