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The 8 best Australian whiskies you need to try

Australian whisky is making a big name for itself overseas. Raking in accolades at the world’s top whisky competitions, labels like Sullivans Cove Distillery and others are tasking the great Australian drop to historically revered producers like Scotland, Japan and the United States.

So, shouldn’t you be trying some of our top whiskies and find out why they are making waves on the international scene? If you’re looking for the best whiskies and best whisky prices in Australia, check out this list and see what interests your palate.

These are the eight best Australian whiskies you have to try at home, at the bar or the pub.

1. Archie Rose White Rye

Archie Rose is a Sydney-based distillery that took home the top prize in the Best Unaged Rye Whisky category at the American Whiskey Masters. Archie Rose White Rye boasts a unique flavour profile that stems from the malted rye at the basis of production.

2. Sullivan’s Cove French Oak

This whisky, as many connoisseurs will tell you, takes the crown as Australia’s finest whisky. The world whisky scene might say it, too, as this delightful drop took home the Best Single Malt Whisky in the World award at the 2014 World Whiskies Awards. It is an incredible, handcrafted whisky that has been double-distilled in thoughtfully-selected French oak casks, so you know it is going to be very, very fine.

3. Starward Wine Cask

The World Whiskies Awards noticed this fine spirit, providing them with two honours at the 2017 rendition. Starward Wine Cask is aged in exactly that – red wine casks, giving the whisky a stunning red ochre hue and a beautiful blend of savoury meets sweetness.

4. Limeburners Port Cask Single Malt

Limeburners whiskies spend five years maturing in a bourbon cask before ending its ageing in port casks. This provides the drop with a gorgeous fruit-infused, citrusy flavour profile and a beautiful amber hue.

5. Bakery Hill Double Wood

Victoria’s Bakery Hill distillery is an award magnet, taking home plenty of honours for its high grade single malt whisky. Double Wood produces their beautiful drop in premium French oak barrels that are shaved back to bare wood before being lightly toasted. The toasting highlights the flavour of the wood itself and adds to this deliciously unique drop.

6. Upshot

High quality Australian grain was combined with a love for Kentucky bourbon to produce this beautiful grain whisky. The Whipper Snapper Distillery has been producing Upshot since WWII, when two bomber pilots started making it out of a love for Kentucky bourbon. However, it is only until more recently that it has been available, and Upshot is certainly a winner with whisky aficionados in Australia and around the world.

7. The Small Concern Distillery/Cradle Mountain Single Malt Whisky

The Small Concern Distillery, aka Cradle Mountain Whisky, produces Australia’s oldest whisky. This single malt can be difficult to track down, but it’s totally worth it, as its 17 year ageing process creates a smooth and soft body, as well as being incredibly clean and pleasant to drink.

8. The Big Black Cock Single Malt

Mt. Uncle Distillery is known all over the world for making some interesting whisky. They utilise high quality Australian ingredients to make unique flavours at their Northern Queensland distillery. This is a whisky that is worth seeking out.

These are Australia’s eight best whiskies (in our humble opinion). Some of them can be hard to find, but each are fine, delicious and perfect for connoisseurs and novices alike.

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