Independent Senior Living Communities

The Benefits of Independent Senior Living Communities

There are about 47 million seniors in the US, as per the 2017 census. So there are high chances that you or one of your loved ones belongs to this group of people aged 65 and above.

How well do you take care of your elderly loved ones? Some important tips for looking after seniors include visiting them regularly, ensuring they get regular medical checkups, modifying their homes, and offering companionship.

Save yourself from the hassle and move them to independent senior living for a better quality of life.  If you are skeptical about the idea, check out this site to know the benefits of senior living communities.

Stress-Free Environment

Seniors want a quiet and stress-free environment to thrive. Living in a chaotic world negatively affects their mental well-being, and they may suffer anxiety and sleeplessness.

The best part about senior living facilities is that they only feature 55+-year-old individuals. That means no kids are running around and no teens partying.

Most facilities are also built-in calm neighborhoods with no cars hooting every second and certainly no carbon footprints from vehicles and industries.

The senior amenities offer a soothing and relaxing environment for the elderly. They get to sleep peacefully, interact with their peers, play games and engage in activities they enjoy.

Curb Loneliness

As much as you wish to, taking care of an aging parent can prove daunting.

You most probably have a tight schedule at work, school, and social life. Also, your younger siblings have to go to school, and your post-teen cousins want to go hang out with their friends. And sometimes, you may feel like you are neglecting your loved one.

The seniors are forced to live alone with pets as their only companions. In return, their social life is ruined, not to forget that loneliness can result in mental health complications such as depression and cognitive decline.

Moving your elderly loved ones to independent living ensures that they always have someone to accompany them. In addition, the facilities provide them with an opportunity to be social without having to drive for miles to meet their friends.

The best facilities, such as The Cottages at Sanders Glen, feature luxury amenities for a fun time. These include book clubs and board games that help the elderly to stay mentally active.

Maintenance-Free Life

Among the challenges of taking care of the elderly is ensuring the efficiency of their homes. You must conduct regular inspections and maintenance. Ensure all the taps are in their best state, the electricals are not posing any risks, and there is no pending woodwork.

Furthermore, the house must be modified to facilitate easy maneuverability for the seniors. Independent living facilities save you from all this hassle. The amenities are designed to suit the seniors’ needs. Room maintenance is covered, and you, therefore, have the least to worry about.

Independent Senior Living Promotes Physical Wellness

Most independent living facilities emphasize physical wellness for seniors. The elderly can easily access fitness instructors and nutritionists to guide them in their healthy lifestyle journey.

Unfortunately, about a third of seniors are not physically active. This puts them at risk of developing chronic diseases, reduced coordination, and premature deaths. They need the motivation to get up and get moving, which they barely get in their homes.

Moving to an independent living community will undoubtedly keep them active. They can join workout groups or start jogging sessions with peers. The amenities may feature yoga or aerobics facilities. So the elderly have no excuse for not staying fit.

The Rent Is All-Inclusive

Independent living eliminates the need to pay multiple bills for each service. Instead, the expenses, from rent to cables and utilities, are all rolled into the monthly payment.

Therefore, moving to independent living is a perfect option if you are looking to downsize your spending. The facilities are also surrounded by shopping centers, medical facilities, and essential amenities. Therefore, the seniors no longer have to spend on transportation.

Accessible Assistance

Independent living communities are designed with the adults’ needs in mind. Besides their physical and mental wellness, seniors are in constant need of medical checkups. They may also need assistance with medication.

The living facilities are built near Healthcare facilities. So the elderly do not have to drive to get there when need be. Even better, some facilities have put programs in place to help seniors with personal care.

Moving your loved one to an independent living community will give you peace of mind knowing that someone is watching their back when you are not there to help.


The primary benefit of moving to an independent living community is the convenience and accessibility of amenities.

Depending on where your loved one chooses to live, they will most likely find all services from transportation, to beauty, housekeeping, and meal plans, right in the community.

Some facilities have gone all the way to offer dry cleaning, theater tickets, and travel arrangements. The elderly will have the least to do.

Optimum Freedom

Senior age is the best time to pursue interests and hobbies. Most adults have spent decades of their lives raising families and pursuing their careers. Those responsibilities are now gone. It is time to push passion.

Moving your parents or grandparents to a senior living community is the best way to push them to be better versions of themselves.

The facilities are surrounded by all the fun. It is time to learn a new language, learn how to paint, or indulge in gardening stress-freely.

Improve the Life Quality of Your Loved One by Moving them to a Senior Living Community

If you or your loved one is looking to live a stress-free life away from chaos independently, you should consider a senior living facility. This is the best place to be after retirement. It is a chance to be surrounded by like-minded individuals.

The cottages give the residents a chance to improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Furthermore, the cost of living in an independent senior living is much lower than in regular homes.

Take your time to look for a safe, affordable, and convenient facility for you or your loved one and get started on the good life.

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