The Common Reasons for Divorce: A Simple Guide

People often search for the love of their life and dream of their perfect wedding. But, in the United States, 40-50% of marriages end in divorce.

Nobody marries thinking it will happen to them. But, in order to avoid the disaster, you must know why other couples cut the knot they tied.

Read on to learn the most common reasons for divorce, so you can keep things from going sour.


For some people, the rest of their life starts to feel long when it comes to committing to only one person. Whether they get bored, they find their needs unmet, or they simply lack self-control, some people cheat.

Cheating may involve physical acts like kissing, touching, or actual sex. But, not always. Often, the worst form of infidelity is an emotional affair with an outsider.

As you might imagine, none of these instances bode well for a relationship. Often the marriage ends one way or another afterward and one partner seeks more information on divorce.

Sometimes, the faithful partner cannot handle the betrayal. But, it does occur where the cheater feels too much guilt or catches feelings for the fling and opts out of the marriage.


Money can’t buy love, but it makes the world go round, as they say. So marriages often find themselves stuck somewhere between those two ideologies.

Unfortunately, an abundance of love does not feed a family, provide shelter, or pay for extracurricular activities. The average monthly cost for an American family of three exceeds $5,000.

If two people cannot agree on what to spend, where, and when to save, it sits on top of major reasons to get divorced. Major buys without consulting the other partner can lead to divorce as well.


To breed or not to breed? That is a big question.

Causes of divorce that stem from it sometimes come when people fail to discuss it before getting married. Other times, they agree until one person changes their mind and the other doesn’t.

When both agree on the issue but fertility issues arise, this can be deeply devastating. Sometimes the other partner’s need to procreate wins over their love and they separate.


Communication issues are one of the biggest divorce causes. Sometimes, attending to this issue fixes all the rest to prevent divorce.

Many couples fail to communicate about important issues prior to marriage and then cannot work it out in the aftermath. Other times, they think the first conversation decides everything and fail to revisit it when circumstances and perspectives change.

Do not go into a marriage without communication about the important details. Try to sit down for a big talk weekly to stay on the same page. If you struggle with communicating, get marriage counseling and try to prevent divorce early on.

Combat the Reasons for Divorce

Now that you know common reasons for divorce, you can combat them. Equip your marriage with communication and understanding.

Sometimes the best efforts fall through and you seek divorce. You can find legal advice on the law section of our website.

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