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The Important FAQs about Bath Bombs!

You must have heard about bath bombs a lot. These are super exciting balls that make your routine bathing time fun. But do you know that there are many benefits attached to these fun creating balls as well? Yes, bath bombs can be really amazing on your skin and have multiple benefits. Apart from that, they are very easy to use and even create a nice classy ambience in your bathroom. And if you want to know about it all, then you have landed on the right post.

Ø  What people ask about bath bombs?

Since the bath bombs in Melbourne from Twisted Frizzers are gaining a lot of popularity recently, even the curiosity of people about the same is on the rise. They sell these bombs in different variants at reasonable ranges and in the best quality. And for the questions mostly asked about these bath bombs, keep reading.

o   What exactly are bath bombs? —We know this is surprising. But this is actually one of the most commonly asked questions about the bath bombs. Bath bombs are actually spherical palm sized balls that dissolve instantly in water and provide you with a scented feel in the bathtub. The drizzle sound that comes when these dissolve in water is the best feature of using them.

o   How are bath bombs different from bath salts and bubble bath? — This question is pretty natural and important if you want to know why exactly you should use the bath bombs. These bombs consist of baking soda, sodium bicarbonate, and high alkaline substances as the primary ingredients apart from the natural oils and fragrant scents. This ultimately helps in detoxifying your skin and exfoliating it while providing a nice aroma. And as for the bath bubbles, these are made up of soaps that form temporary bubbles and have almost no benefit for your skin. While bath salts are specially used for muscle pain relief or detoxing your skin or as per other requirements.

o   What makes the bath bombs drizzle? —Even you wonder about this, don’t you? Well, the reaction between the baking soda and the citric acid when it touches the water creates the drizzle! And this drizzling factor is such a unique factor of the bath bombs! After this drizzle, the bomb breaks down releasing the scents and skin conditioning oils to benefit your body.

o   How to store and for how long can these be kept before using? — Many of the bath bomb users complain that the drizzle isn’t happening, and the bomb is less effective. Yes, this matter may arise, but it happens only if your bath bomb has been unused and placed improperly for a long time. We recommend you keep it in an airtight container and use it as soon as you can because the longer it’s kept, the less effective it becomes.

o   Can I break the bath bomb into two pieces and use it separately? — We wouldn’t suggest you try this method with your bath bombs. Cutting these into two will only leave them getting crumbled and your experience may not be that satisfactory when you’re using them in your bath. And if you are storing the other part for a longer time in a container, the scents and oils present in them also evaporate which ultimately leaves no benefits for the next time. Rather try using it at one go to get the utmost satisfaction of using the bath bombs and enjoying all its benefits.

o   Are bath bombs safe for pregnant women and kids? — Now this depends entirely upon the flavour of the bath bomb that you choose. Most of the bath bombs consist of healthy ingredients and are extremely safe for the pregnant ladies. But if it contains lemongrass or such acidic ingredients, then consult your gynaecologist before using these. And as for the kids, there are bath bombs which are especially made for children as well. Most of these come in fruit flavours and natural flower essence which are absolutely safe for children over 2 years and can be used worry free.

Well, with the help of these common questions, we just hope all your queries got answered about the bath bombs and their usage. So, try them the next time to indulge in a refreshing bath and enjoy the experience.

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