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The Most Common Scams Used in Sports Betting You Should Know About

As a gambler, you know the exhilaration of seeing your team win and getting some money in the pocket too. This feeling is what brings out the love of fellow gamblers and sports betting enthusiasts. But sadly, this same passion is being exploited by criminal individuals, and below are four of the most common ways they do this;

1.  Picks and tips sales

These are situations where a supposed “expert forecaster” posts successful games on their socials to reel customers in. They don’t give out the details on these wins as several circumstances affect successful tips. The total odds, number of games played, etc., are usually never disclosed, but you see them posting their winnings and inviting you to join the VIP group. Stay away from individuals who can’t showcase a well-detailed ROI on their bets, as theirs is just as safe as yours.

2.  Fixed match sellers

This is one of the most popular scams you will find in the sports betting sphere, which is no surprise. Fixed matches are matches where the events are already agreed upon, so the final result goes as expected. They usually create a large following on social media, selling their story to unsuspecting individuals who want a sure thing. The tricky thing about this scam is that it doesn’t require a large investment to join the so-called “winner’s group”. They know that their success lies in the number of users they con and not necessarily the amount paid. But once they get to a certain point, just like a Ponzi scheme, they disappear and search for other victims. Stay away from online communities like this, forecast your games based on your knowledge and intuition, and have fun doing it.

3.  The Stu Feiner handicap scam

One of the major scams of the decade, the Stu Feiner scam, was so massive and surprising that it is honestly still Dumfounding. Run by Stuart Feiner, the two for the money Stu Feiner scam was more about the man’s sales ability and charisma. His sports betting career was all dependent on him helping others make some money. Although he did succeed to a certain level on this, most of his clients never realized that his bets were as sure as the toss of a coin. Avoid these types, as they are only good at talking and have no expert knowledge.

4.  Fake Wealth pictures

If you browse on a lot of free sites then you must surely have come across cams like this. It is a psychological scam that shows you luxury cars, trips around the world that are meant to entice you into trying out their bets. They usually have a tagline like “Look what I bought with a single bet”. These people also want you to join their group but will charge a high price based on the expectation of getting a part of the false wealth displayed. They promise a profit percentage, but you will never see your money again, so beware of these scammers.

Sports betting is more than just staking money to get a return. There is also emotion and excitement attached to it. Always try to keep it lighthearted and fun, betting with only money you can afford to lose. Remember, paying someone to give you sure odds or fixed match tips often leads to disappointment.

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