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The Surprising Mental Benefits of Playing Online Gambling Games

People would think of gambling as a vice – yes it’s true but did you know that there are mental benefits to be reaped when it comes to playing online gambling games?

A study from Oxford University found that playing video games is good for your mental health. By using actual play-time data, it was found that the people who played more games reported greater wellbeing. This throws away the notion that video games can harm mental health. Players of online gambling games (which are also considered video games) can now rejoice! Whether you are playing at home or at an online casino Thailand while on holiday, you now have more reasons to play!


Those partaking in recreational gambling have experienced more happiness in their life. Behaviorists found that the increased levels of happiness due to gambling has helped establish a reduction in depression.

With gambling being an exciting activity, it helps stimulate the brain into producing the hormone dopamine. Dopamine is also known as the “happy hormone” and is the primary driver of our brain’s reward system. It spikes when we experience something pleasurable. 

So can you imagine- you’re already having fun playing your favorite games online and then you also win? Now that’s happiness!

Improves brain flexibility

Video and online games are generally designed to challenge the brain on various levels. These challenges make you switch back and forth between your brain’s left and right hemispheres – activating your creative and analytical skills – helping you learn and retain information for longer periods of time.

Reduces stress

Not all online games are packed with action and adventure. Some games allow for much needed quiet time and give you the opportunity to relax, like Blackjack. By focusing on the game, you can take your mind off the things that are bothering you, quieting your mind. 

A relaxed mind is a less stressed mind and equals a less stressed you.

Sharpens the mind

Most casino games have patterns present and it takes a quick wit to win at these games. Playing such games helps sharpen the mind – you improve your memory, you activate your logical thinking capacity, and more. 

Engaging in online games helps in the aspects of memory and thinking which is very beneficial to older adults and  people in the early stages of dementia.  Likewise, reaction time, memory, attention span, as well as general cognitive control and multitasking are activated. Not only is the “brain training” part good for one’s mental health, these games are also fun to do.


Online games are quite enjoyable and aside from bringing monetary rewards, they now reward your mental wellbeing too. While studies showing direct relationships between online gaming and mental health are still in their infancy and are not that many, there’s no denying the benefits that experts are now seeing. 

As we see the benefits – improved memory, reduced stress levels, better cognitive functions – we encourage you to continue playing but always do so responsibly. After all, too much of a good thing can lead to addictions that can negate all the benefits to be had.

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