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The Top 10 Benefits of Playing Scrabble

Scrabble is a game loved by many generations and has not lost its popularity even after several years. In fact, in recent years, the popularity of scrabble has significantly increased as researches are being made to provide scientific evidence backing up claims of the benefits scrabble brings. The advantages of playing scrabble come from learning new words and improving memory; to help with this, makes a great stop.

Playing scrabble keeps your memory center and frontal cortex working at all times. It is not only the act of playing but also practicing to get better at scrabble words that helps maintain mental well-being. An actively participating brain is said to be free from mental illness such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. 

Playing scrabble does not stop you from getting the disease since several factors such as genetic play a significant role in it. However, it can slow down the progression of the disease if you have it or reduce the chances of acquiring it.

  • Does Scrabble Boost Immunity?

Reading the word immunity and scrabble together might make you wonder how playing a word game helps with your inner physiology and working of your system. The answer is simple, being lonely, depressed, anxious, or stressed are moods that negatively affect your health, and they place an extra burden on your body. 

By playing a game of scrabble daily, you are less likely to engage in self-pitying activities. You are more likely to experience a good mood which will eventually help with boosting immunity. Since your body will now have more time to focus on your physical well-being rather than fixing your mental health.

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Moreover, your body will release feel-good hormones such as endorphins and serotonin, which can elevate your mood levels and make you happier. 

  • Step Up Your Communication Skills

While playing scrabble, you will encounter several instances where you would want to challenge yourself to increase your knowledge regarding words. Some might do it out of frustration when losing a game; others simply to score higher. Whatever the case might be, this act of increasing your vocabulary will eventually make way into your everyday life.

You will notice increased use of words that you have learned and will be able to use them while communicating on a daily basis. Not only that, while playing scrabble, players maintain decorum and speak with respect and maturity. This, too, helps with improving your interpersonal skills.

  • Reduces Stress and Blood Pressure

Stress is a major modifiable factor that contributes to increased rates of high blood pressure cases amongst the general population. While playing scrabble, individuals have the opportunity to break free from the general stressors in life and have some time to you. While focusing on the game, you won’t even remember being upset or stressed. 

  • Increases Ability to Concentrate

Scrabble is a game that requires high levels of concentration and tactfulness. One simply cannot win by being lucky all the time. People who play scrabble have reported being able to concentrate more efficiently and for a longer time due to playing the game.

The benefit of increased concentration stems from the fact that users need to pay attention to every move the opponent makes and seize the opportunity to score anytime luck comes their way. So, if you know someone that struggles with concentration, introduce them to scrabble, they will thank you.

  • Increases Interpersonal Skills

If you are an introvert, you would know the struggles of being forced to interact and its challenge when you need to socialize. By engaging in regular games of scrabble, you will be introduced to several opportunities to interact with your opponents and learn from them. When put in such a setting, with games and people, socializing becomes reasonably easy. 

Other than introverts, the elderly can also benefit from playing scrabble, not for the benefit of reduced risk of mental illness but also for the social element. Elderly people, especially those who do not get to interact with people regularly, can enjoy talking to and communicating with people when playing scrabble.

  • Enhances Creative Thought Processing

One might think scrabble requires you to be intelligent and genius to begin with, but that assumption is false. More than anything, Scrabble is a game that requires both intelligence and creativity. One cannot play scrabble if they are not creative enough to play with the tiles they have and use the special tiles to their benefit. If you lack creativity, scrabble will force you to get creative to win. 

  • Promotes Family Time and Bonding

Every individual within a household has different activities they like to engage in as a favorite pastime. Previously, families had time to interact and bond, and they also had the time to sit together and interact on weekends. Now, families’ get-togethers are only an event reserved for special occasions, and even then, people are forced to sit together; there isn’t any activity that bonds them.

In times like these, scrabble is a universally loved game that can allow bonding with your loved one during dinner or over a cup of tea. You can tweak the rules to make teams; this introduces healthy competition into the game and makes it more fun. You can also place bets to support your team and see who wins.

  • Helps in Expanding Vocabulary and Spellings

If your child struggles with their spellings or is in desperate need of learning more words, then scrabble is an excellent game. Not only will your child get help with spellings, but they can also participate in scrabble championships. 

Your child is not the only one that can benefit from this. You too can gain a lot from increasing your vocabulary as it introduces more words which you can use regularly and allows you to communicate more efficiently. 

  • Makes You Feel Accomplished 

Comparing your achievements to your peers is what often leaves people feeling depressed, lackluster, or inadequate. In this case, scrabble allows individuals to feel a sense of accomplishment and help fight boredom. By playing a game of scrabble, people with depression can notice a significant change in their mood.  Moreover, actively trying to participate and become better at the game provides a sense of purpose which is an instant mood lift for many.

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