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The Top best builds in NBA 2K22 Game 2021

Choosing the perfect build in NBA 2K22 MyCareer that fits your playstyle is important if you want your fictional character to become one of the best players in the league and win the LeBron James title.

You can create your build before starting your MyCareer journey, and it is basically where you specify your location, height, weight, wingspan, in-game attributes, decals, and grabs. The skills you assign to your build will determine the type of player to use. This guide will give you some solid advice, especially if you are new to NBA 2K, but keep in mind that you should choose a build that suits your playing style. For example, there is no point in creating a three-point shooter if you want to go in for a dip and stop playing.

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Two-way shot creator

This version is one of the best options if you want to play a fast point guard who will go for quick dab and dunks and ditch some three-point and mid-range clutch shots. This player will also be able to defend himself if you divide the points wisely.

You want this character to be agile, so choose a height between six feet two and six feet four, and go with the lowest weight and wingspan. As for points, invest heavily in offensive attributes such as drive without hold, drive without you, mid-range shot, and three-point shot. Since you’re setting a starting point, save some points for the playmaking industry because you often don’t want to miss passes.

Suppose you don’t spend your points on attributes like standing, post control, and inner defense. In that case, you should have more than enough points to make your player great in defense and by investing those points in perimeter defense and stealing.

After you’re done, you should see a grab screen with options like ankle fracture shots and focus accuracy. If you are from the new generation, you have to choose two, but you choose only one if you are from the old generation. Choose your favorite, and your character should resemble those of John Wall and James Harden.

Two-way slasher

This build is perhaps the most comprehensive on this list. As a junior striker, you must be good at passing the ball, shooting the ball, and defending. It may seem very difficult for a beginner, but you think that you will have a balanced player who can help out on both ends of the field if you spend some time on your game.

Go with a height of six feet six, 178 pounds, and maximum wingspan. This way, you will still be agile but strong enough not to be bullied by your opponents. You want maximum wing length because you will not shoot the ball; you will only finish and defend. That is why it is called a two-way slash.

Focus on assigning points in the close shot, driving a fall, driving without you, and standing up. Skip the shooting stats other than the free throw and invest lots of points in ball handling and speed with the ball. You should have enough points to invest in perimeter defense, stealing, and defensive rebounds because you want to help your team grab some points, even though you won’t have the proper length to go from toe to toe against a big guy.


This version is primarily designed for players who want to get a killer three-point shot and still make some passes during the game. If you are mechanically skilled in NBA 2K22, this is a good one to try.

Again, choose a height between six feet and six feet and four so your character doesn’t lose too much speed, minimum weight, and maximum wing length because you’ll be a scoring machine no matter what. Put everything you can into the midrange, three points, and a free throw, so you don’t get penalized when he misses you. And they will.

Don’t invest too much in finishing, as that’s not the point of this build. By performing this, you will get sufficient points to enhance passing accuracy, ball handling, the speed with the ball, perimeter defense, and stealing.

Paint beast

The structure of the glass lock is completely different from the fourth extension. It’s more of a matter of dunking in the water than worrying about shooting mechanics. It’s not more of a slow build, but it’s good for enjoying and undoing the NBA years, a time when it was all about big guys like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Hakim Aliwan.

Go with seven feet and one, maximum weight, and maximum wingspan because you’re not looking for movement or archery traits. Spend a significant portion of the points on the close shot, drunk driving, and standing up. Completely ignore shooting away from the free throw stats because you don’t want your character’s CPU to be hacked. A great way to use this build-in attack is to help your teammates by adjusting the screens, and you’ll work miracles to note the match whenever they reach the triple pointer.

Put everything you can into inside defense, defensive rebounding, offensive rebounding and blocking, so that you can become the best edge protector in the NBA and make other players afraid to face you inside the paint. This build is a long way from what we see in the NBA today, but you will become a great player if you learn to use your strengths. You can use a glass cleaner for the acquisition, which will help you get almost every bounce.

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