Planning a Corporate Event

The Ultimate Event Planning Checklist

Has the excitement of planning an event transitioned into worry with the thought you might miss something? Don’t panic. Take a deep breath and keep reading.

Planning an event can be fun and energizing, but there are a lot of components to consider. Start planning early, and you should be able to pull it off with time to spare. Use this event planning checklist to help you keep it together and not get lost in the tasks ahead.

The Basics

First, you need to answer some of the most basic questions, like what, where, when, who, and why. What is the reason for the event and why are you throwing it? Do you need a small event planning checklist, or is this a corporate event for work?

The who is the guest list. How many people are invited, and do you need a set number for food and seating? Is your event looser, like an outdoor concert where people can sit on the grass? And of course, the where and when are crucial.


Something you need to set right away is a budget. You might not be able to accurately estimate how much will be spent on every aspect, but your overall number should be set so you don’t go overboard. If this is a work event, you may already have the budget and know what number to avoid.

The Venue: Food and Staff

When it comes to planning an event, you need to know where it’s going to be. Once you have answered the basic questions above and have your general guest numbers, you need to narrow down the venue. Work to find a place that suits the size, purpose, and budget for the event.

If you need to provide food, how much and what kind? And do you need staff to work the room and serve people, or will a buffet suffice? And are there certain activities that need to be planned and staffed, like a DJ for a dance floor?

Is it an outdoor event? Outdoor venues like parks can be more affordable, but include additional considerations for your list. Do you need a portable bathroom or bathrooms brought in for guests? If the weather is a concern, you may also need a tent or tent set up to protect people from the elements.


How will people hear about the event? Do you need to mail out invitations, and how far in advance do people need them if they must RSVP? For an outdoor event planning checklist, you should consider if there need to be ads if it’s public, or directions for parking, and where to go if the location isn’t just a building address.

Flyers, ads in papers and online, and a website can all help with marketing your event. If it’s for work, plan on sending multiple emails reminding people. Don’t forget to think of how people will learn about the event and then tell you they’re coming.

The Event Planning Checklist

Planning an event has a lot of ups and downs, but using an event planning checklist can help you feel more in control and stay on top of all the tasks. No matter what kind of event you’re throwing, you have to take care of the basics first, and then work on the minutia.

Stay calm, stay organized, and your event will be great. If you found this list helpful in beginning your event planning, check us out for more great ideas.

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