Motorcycle GPS Tracker

The Use of Motorcycle GPS Tracker Is Increasing

The project seeks to lessen the nation’s crime issue. Vehicle theft from crime scenes is common. Statistics from the Polis Di Raja Malaysia (PDRM) study revealed that this behavior is on the rise, especially motorbike theft.

This is a result of the enormous demand for cheaply priced, stolen items. This project is focused on developing a mechanism to combat motorbike theft. A device should be positioned at a secret location within the motorbike works to send precise and up-to-current latitude, longitude, time, and date.

Both the internet and a GPS link are used by this system. Owners of stolen motorcycles may discover where it was found. They use the android operating system on their phone to locate their motorcycles.

The location of the bikes will be determined by the project’s outcomes. Characteristics of the devices in the initial survey have led to the proposal of device design parameters in line with their intended use as information transmitters.

Although installing a GPS tracker on motorcycle is simple, it has to be sturdy and compact in order to fit into a motorcycle’s secret compartment.

A motorbike can be found anywhere thanks to a gadget called a motorcycle GPS tracker. In order to interact with the server, this gadget uses Locator.

This gadget gets its power from a motorbike battery, hence it has to use a voltage regulator to change the battery’s 12V to 5V output.

The location of this gadget will be concealed on a motorcycle. This initiative is crucial right now since it will increase motorcycle safety.

Users may always get greater protection for their cars and be aware of what happens to motorcyclists. This project’s ability to track online platforms in real-time makes it significant, suitable, and simple to use. Data may be quickly retrieved from a centralized, redundant server using an intuitive online tracking and historical reporting system. Once more, a user may log in to a web platform from any location.

Since motorcycles are now simple to hack, there are a growing number of stolen vehicles. On the illicit market, motorbike parts are in great demand. The user is unable to locate their motorcycle if it vanishes. They have no way of knowing when their motorbike will go.

The likelihood of recovering the motorbike is quite slim. The police are unable to solve many motorbike theft cases because there is insufficient proof of the whereabouts and timing of the crime.

To create a tool for finding objects based on:

  1. To lower crime rates, especially theft of a motorcycle.
  2. To assist law enforcement in resolving these offenses.
  3. To be an easy-to-use, low-energy technology that is extremely effective in modern living.

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