Carpet for Stairs

Things to Consider When Getting a Carpet for Stairs

In most homes, you will have carpet on the stairs. It is a fairly commonplace to carpet, even more so than the living room. However, it is also the trickiest part of the carpet, as well. The reason is simple, these rugs need to be durable and of the right thickness to last through the heavy foot traffic. This is enough to get some to drop the idea of carpeting their stairs. However, when you factor in a few things, you can buy a carpet that lasts and adds aesthetic value to your stairs. 

Why get carpets for stairs?

Carpet cleaning in Albion can be an inconvenience to many. So, why get carpets at all? Well, it is much safer than hardwood or laminate. Even if your stairs are of hard materials, have a carpet runner. Carpeted stairs lead to less slippage and a softer fall, should you actually slip. 

Quality of the carpet

The impact of foot traffic is higher on stairs due to the added gravity force when we climb down. Therefore, the first thing to consider is quality. An upgraded carpet with a quality underpad may cost you more but will ultimately save you on carpet replacement in the future. 

Carpet durability

Another key thing to keep in mind when buying stair carpet is durability and suitability. Don’t make the mistake of getting a carpet that you have used in your bedroom or living room. For your stairs, you need more thickness, durability, and the highest grade. 

Carpet thickness

While the importance of a thick stair carpet cannot be emphasized enough, it is safe to say that too thick a carpet can lead to falls and sour installers. The ideal thickness of stair carpeting is ½ inch or less, with padding of 7/16 inch and a pile density of at least 8 pounds. 

Resistance to soil

When you climb up and down the stairs barefoot, your feet tend to leave behind a residue, which ultimately soils the carpet. Therefore, look for a carpet that is soil-resistant. Spill resistance is not a feature you need here, as spills will be less common here.

Carpet style

For the most part, any type of carpet can be used for your stairs. However, make sure to get a high-grade one and have it properly installed. Furthermore, the carpet shouldn’t show the backing when bent.


Choosing a carpet for your stairs can be challenging, given how you need to get the right durability and thickness. However, getting one can save you a few broken bones should you ever slip or even prevent slippage. All you need to consider when buying a carpet are the style, thickness, durability, quality, and above all, soil resistance.

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