Things to consider when purchasing your first vape pen

Things to consider when purchasing your first vape pen

So, you got interested in vaping and want to purchase a pen. You just go online and buy the most popular one, right? Well, the reality isn’t as simple. Once you do search online, you’ll be bombarded with thousands of options with varying designs, prices, capabilities, and other features. You’ll read a lot of industry-specific keywords as well as marketing jargon that would not make any sense to you. The result would either be a very delayed purchase or, even worse, a wrong purchase.

So, for your convenience, here are the things that you have to look for when purchasing a vape pen.

Vaping material:

If you are entirely new to this world, you might think that there is one type of vaping material; fruity and sweet eliquid. While that is a very popular material, it is not the only one. So, why does it matter? Well, each type of material requires a different kind of vape pen. They work the same way, but the fuel is handled in a different way. Think of it this way, petrol and diesel vehicles work in practically the same way. But, the handling of fuel is completely different and suited to each type of fuel.

There are three main types of material used in vapes, eliquids, legal concentrate, and dry material/herbs. If you are going to use legal eliquids, then a pen with an atomizer and a tank with heating coils. If legal concentrate is more of your taste, then a pen with a chamber is your best bet. Legal concentrates burn a different way and won’t work in a tank. Additionally, make sure that the chamber is easy to clean, as legal concentrates leave a thick layer after consumption. Lastly, dry material also requires a pen with a chamber, but for these, you need a pen with convection/conduction heating. With this, when delving into the realm of vaping materials, it’s essential to consider factors such as device compatibility, e-liquid selection, and expert advice, and Cold Turkey vape shop stands out as the perfect destination for acquiring your first vape pen with confidence

Heating mechanism:

There are multiple heating mechanisms available in vape pens. While your choice of heating type will likely depend on the type of vape juice you’ll be using; there are other things to consider as well. Some vaping materials are fine with more than one heating mechanism, and it all comes down to personal preference. The specifics of how the material tastes/feels with each type of vaping material are too broad for the scope of this guide, so we will not be discussing that.

The three most common methods are convection, conduction, and a fairly new one; induction.

First is conduction, the most common heating method that you’ll find in any average vape pen. It heats up the material through direct contact with the heating coils. This is easy to produce but also wastes a little material in the process.

Then there is convection, a much better heating method than conduction, at least in technical terms. With this mechanism, the heat is transferred without direct contact. This reduces the risk of waste combustion by a lot. Unfortunately, these pens tend to cost a lot more, as they are more difficult and expensive to produce.

Lastly, we have an induction, the newest and most modern heating framework in vape pens. This uses magnetic fields to heat up the vaping material. The actual scientific workings of this pen are much more complicated than that, but that’s a topic for another time. The real-world benefit of this type of heating is a zero risk of waste and even burning of vape material.

Battery life:

Vape pens are, obviously, wireless devices. You don’t have to plug them into a wall plug to use them. Most of them have a lithium-ion battery inside of them. The usage time of these batteries varies heavily depending on many factors, the first of which is your consumption rate. If you use your vape pen sparsely, a fully charged battery might last you a couple of days. But, if you use the same pen a lot, the battery might only last a few hours.

Then there is the size of the battery itself. Generally, the longer a battery lasts, the bigger it is. So, you might have to evaluate your preferences and choose between slimness and battery life. There are options out there with high-capacity batteries in a slim and stylish package, but they tend to be quite a lot more expensive than usual.

Feature set:

All vape pens on the market are capable of the bare minimum. You just attach the material, turn the pen on, and you’re drowning in fruity smoke. But that is not the extent of their functionality. There are a lot of vape pens out there with crazy unique features. Some of these features are, admittedly, pretty useless, like RGB lighting. But other things like adjustable temperature and programmable presets for different materials are quite useful for the right person.

The key thing to note here is for the right person. All of these fancy features are not for everyone, especially because with each new functionality you add, the higher the price goes. So, think about the stuff that you actually want, and then look for a pen that fulfills all those roles at a reasonable price.


The price of a vape pen is the biggest barrier stopping everyone from buying the best available options. But, the world of vape pen pricing isn’t as simple as high price equals better. In reality, there are a lot of pens that are expensive because of brand recognition. Some average pens cost a lot more just because they advertise themselves as a luxury product.

On the other hand, there are tons of quality pens out there that are in line with the market average. You just need to do a little bit of research, a little digging around in customer reviews, and you will indeed find something of crazy value. The only thing to avoid is never to purchase the cheapest available options. The last thing you want is wasted material or your hand lighting on fire because of a crappy vape pen.

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