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Things to Know Before Hiring a New Fire Protection Company

Whether you are opening a new business or are already established, your place of work will require fire protection measures to ensure safety in the case of a fire. Being proactive keeps your workers and property safe from fire damage.

You will be required to get trained on fire safety and how to use fire extinguishers. You can accomplish all of this through the use of a qualified fire maintenance services.

But with so many fire extinguisher installation companies to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you?

Here is our checklist for hiring a new fire protection company for fire safety equipment installation, fire safety training or anything related to commercial fire safety.

1. Check Their Certification

You should know that you are dealing with trained experts who know what they’re doing. Anybody who installs fire protection equipment in your establishment has to be certified fire protection professional. Fireproofing companies must have several certifications, approvals, and insurances to be legal.

You should also check a company’s credibility if it is a Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA) member. This is the organisation that oversees the fire protection industry in Australia.

The required certifications and approvals depend on the services offered by the company. But again, before selecting a specific firm, visit their website and look for certifications and approvals.

2. References and Reviews

Even if a company has been in operation for a long time, don’t assume it’s a good fit for your specific fire protection requirements. You should get a list of references and check reviews to help verify the right provider.

You could request customer references from the contractors and companies you’re considering hiring. By reaching out to existing or past customers you can verify the company’s claims as well as get a feel for their customer service reputation.

Ask them questions that are important to you. How easy is it to work with them? Are they dependable? Can they proficiently service all locations under one business framework?

The best fire extinguisher installation companies will gladly provide these references.

3. Fire Protection Experience

Sometimes cost is an indication of experience and expertise. As a result of their technician’s lower experience level, a low-cost fire protection system contractors’ charges are often cheaper than their rivals’.

A specialist entering the fire protection industry earns significantly less than a senior technician with multiple accreditations. This business can charge less for its services and shift the burden onto the customer.

This is a problem if the technician is not qualified to provide fire protection services. They may lack the necessary fire protection experience to try and resolve the issues. In certain instances, the rookie technician may fail to detect a problem or provide sound advice. When it comes to choosing a fire protection company, cost should not outweigh expertise.

4. The Type of Service they Offer

Several fire protection companies focus on specific areas. For instance, they may specialise only in fire safety training while others may cover a whole range of fire safety and protection services.

When reviewing the company’s website, check the services they provide. You’ll want to make sure they provide all the services you need so you’re not having to contract multiple companies.

If you have a new business, it’s typically best to hire a firm that handles everything from sprinkler installation to teaching your workers about fire safety and how to utilise the equipment.

It is far preferable to deal with a single company that can meet all of your needs instead of hiring a few different firms to complete the job.

5. The People

Fire hydrant system installation in your company is a huge task that can take several months. This means that you will be closely working with this company and its employees throughout the project’s duration so it’s important they are professional and polite and work to cause as little disruption to your business as possible.

As with all industries there are good and bad apples. Fire protection companies which don’t have the correct certifications, or claim to be able to service things which aren’t their area of specialty can cause major issues for you and your business. As with all business relationships, ensuring they are trustworthy is critical.

Observing management and company culture combined with the customer reviews can be a good indication of the type of organisation they are.

6. Their Customer Care and Pricing

You would like to know the company you consider hiring provides excellent customer service at reasonable prices for a generally positive experience. Simply jumping on the phone and asking a few questions is one way to get a sense of their level of customer service.

In terms of pricing, you’ll almost certainly need to have somebody come out and offer you a site inspection and quotation, but some companies may give you a very rough figure over the phone. This will help you have a clue of how much the task will cost.

7. Insurance

You should check to make sure that they have current insurance to cover their employees and the relevant work. You will be held liable for any damage suffered on the job if they do not have insurance. This means you’ll be on the hook for any medical bills as well.

To prevent this legal issue, ensure that the fire protection company you choose has properly insured its staff members and their work.

8. Should Understand Fire Safety Regulations

This one goes without saying, but it’s amazing how many companies in this space are not up to date. It is critical to select a company that is current with the latest revisions to fire safety regulations. This will help to keep a building fire code compliant.

Before selecting a fire protection contractor, inquire about their understanding of the Australian Fire Protection Codes.

You will also require the services of a fire protection contractor. This person will keep your business in compliance with the fire safety standards established by your insurance company.

Get the Most Suitable Fire Protection Company Near You

For far too many businesses, the service of a fire protection company is an afterthought. Being proactive keeps your workers and property safe from fire hazards as well as helps you avoid expensive fines for not meeting regulation standards.

Hopefully this simple list of factors to consider for your fire protection contractor helps with choosing the right provider.

If you require assistance with a fire hydrant system installation or any other fire prevention strategy, we’ve got you covered. We will gladly assist you.

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