Thriller author aims to raise $20,000 to make JAM RUN available to all readers.

Montreal, Qc, July 7, 2021-

JAM RUN, is one of the most awaited Russell Brooks LGBTQ Jamaica murder mystery that is expected to be released on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Brooks’s 5th book is all set to be released in 2022. You will be surprised to know that the story in the book is very interesting. Eddie Barrow and Corey Stephenson characters that were in Brooks’s second novel CHILL RUN have again made a comeback. Both had witnessed a heinous crime of murder during the Montego Bay visit. They get roped in to finding the killer. But they manage to escape the ruthless murderer after they uncover evidence of the criminal conspiracy.

Brooks has moved into a new direction in this book-JAM RUN. He has highlighted the issues regarding anti-LGBTQ laws. For instance, how limiting freedom can have an adverse effect on society. The complete story is in Jamaica because many real-life events actually take place there. The reader will find some of them to be very disturbing.

Brooks reveals that there are many reasons due to which people don’t report LGBT hate crimes in Jamaica and the Caribbean. For example, “The ‘Buggery Law’. This law discriminates against the LGBTQ community in Jamaica and also spreads hatred. It is quite shocking. Even when someone witnesses brutality against the LGBT person, they hesitate to report it to the authorities.

On the contrary, Brooks’s novel characters, Eddie Barrow and Corey Stephenson fight to get justice for the victim. This new version is an interesting crime thriller that revolves around the ever-lasting menace and violence faced by the LGBTQ communities.

There were plenty of challenges that the author had to face while working on this story. Due to the COVID pandemic, Brooks’s trip to Montego Bay got canceled. There he had to visit different locations for further research.

LGBTQ community in Jamaica

Norris Douglas who is the CEO of Real Tours Jamaica was his guide. So, Brooks had to opt for virtual meetings with Douglas on Zoom. He then helped him with the edits. Brooks stated that Norris’s assistance has been of great help. Brooks always pens down fiction but it was important for him to be factually correct with regards to the content of the story. Thankfully, Norris took out some time from his hectic schedule to help Brooks.

There were many hindrances that came while writing and publishing the book. Besides COVID, funding was another issue. This is the reason why Brooks had to rely on crowdfunding.

Being a drama addict, Brooks used his skills to come up with a podcast. He recorded himself reciting JAM Run’s first chapter. The aim was to drive traffic for the campaign. He has also planned that if his crowdfunding efforts become a success, he will look forward to creating an audiobook version of JAM RUN.

For Brooks, recording and then editing every single chapter is tough. Completing the 540-page novel will certainly be exhausting. He is in his third round of edits and it has already started to become challenging. Instead, he wants to give it a shot by hiring a professional voice actor to do the job.

JAM RUN’s first chapter (written version) has already been uploaded on his official website as well as the campaign page.

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