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Tips and Tricks to Draw a Funny Caricature – Beginner Guide 2021


  1. What is a caricature painting?

A caricature painting is a portrait drawing of a person wherein the person’s features are either distorted or exaggerated; yet still retain a likeness. Magazines and newspapers commonly use caricatures as satirical art towards celebrities and politicians. This art form may be considered one of the most popular visual art forms and are just as skillful and may even be more influential than the majority of the other forms of portrait paintings.

  1. What are top 10 tips about drawing caricature?
  • Detect the uniqueness of each individual
  • Each customer has unique facial features. It is your responsibility to detect those features and exaggerate or distort them.
  • Understand your clients.
  • Be wary of the features you decide to exaggerate since the client may be sensitive to certain features.
  • Do not be afraid to be daring.
  • Try to think beyond your clients’ requests to exceed their expectations.
  • Bodies are just as important as faces.
  • Illustrating an engaging movement or action can go a long way.
  • Props help the drawing come alive.
  • Learn about your clients and figure out what props they would likely further captivate them to their drawing.
  1. Why use AI technology to make caricature images?

Using AI Technology to make a caricature is free, automatic, and a lot more convenient compared to hiring a professional caricature artist. The quality is also up to par with human artists.

3.1 How to make caricature by AI tools?

To convert image to cartoon using AI tools, you must download an app of your choosing, take a picture of yourself, then upload the picture to the app. When you upload the photo to the app, it will convert image to caricature in less than a minute.

3.2 How does AI caricature makers work?

Online caricature makers work by blending your face with the caricature model found in the AI. The AI caricature makers use various algorithms and trained networks to enhance the caricature you want to make. The technology scans millions of photos to develop the caricatures intelligently.

3.3 Is online caricature maker better than a human artist?

Due to the convenience of online caricature makers, being able to convert photo to caricature, you can say that it is better than hiring a human artist. These makers learn faster, work more efficiently, and imitate caricatures in detail. However, they cannot develop new techniques as a human artist can.

4.0 What is the best free caricature maker for beginners?

4.1 Overview of is an online caricature maker. It is capable of producing more than sixty caricature images based on the photos you uploaded. These images are converted automatically to caricatures through AI and deep learning technology. It converts your portrait to a caricature with distorted and exaggerated features.The website give the clear guide about how to use it, thus don’t worry that you have no rich photo editing experience. All you need to do is to upload the image and wait for process. I will show you the steps in next part.

4.2 How to convert image to cartoon via this tool?

Step 1: prepare the photo that includes your face, then upload it to

Step 2: stand by while the AI processes your photo, which generally takes 3 to 5 minutes.

Step 3: See all 64 exaggerated cartoon effects and choose a single or batch to download

Step 4: If you want all pictures as a bulk, just take 1mins to create an account on this site.

4.3 Pros and Cons


  • free to use:  no money cost.
  • secure conversion; the website removes uploaded images after 24 hours
  • easy to use: drag, drop, then wait for the AI to finish processing


  • processing takes time (3 to 5 minutes)
  • To get a full HD download, you must sign up to be a member.

5.0 Conclusion

Caricature art is one of, if not the most famous portrait style art forms that exaggerates the features of the clients you draw. As a beginner, remember to find the uniqueness of your client, know your clients, be daring, do not forget about the bodies, and use props to make the drawing come to life.

Using AI technology is always a convenient way to make caricatures; they are automatic and convert the picture you uploaded straight to a caricature using learning technology and AI trained by millions of photos. A tool you can use for online caricature is; it is easy to use and only takes a few minutes to accomplish four simple steps. This free caricature maker helps your to create a funny and attractive art work with a time-saving way. May you have a try for the AI technology of!

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