Goalkeeper Jersey

Tips on Choosing a Goalkeeper Jersey

The jersey enables referees and players to distinguish the goalkeeper from others on the field. The perfect goalkeeper jersey must have a noticeable colour and be a comfortable fit.

Here, we’ll share tips on choosing the best goalie jersey for your training sessions or matches. By the way, it also makes an ideal gift for any football player!


The most important aspect of any sportswear is comfort, and it certainly plays a major role here. A football jersey must tread a narrow line between being tight and non-restricting. It must hug the body but not pinch you.


Just any old ordinary cotton T-shirt isn’t the right choice for a goalkeeper. Professional goalie jerseys are made from lightweight, breathable, and durable materials. Many goalie jerseys feature mesh inserts to improve the airflow, reducing sweating, and enhancing a player’s performance. The fabric must feel soft and not irritate or scratch the skin. All these characteristics can be found in specialised synthetic sports fabrics.

Let’s take a look at the fabrics you should be looking for in your goalie’s jersey.


Polyester is a highly versatile fabric suitable for a variety of applications. It’s used in activewear for just about any sports imaginable. Polyester is extremely durable and doesn’t wrinkle. Hence, a polyester jersey can be simply thrown into your sports bag after training.

It’s also lightweight and moisture-absorbent. Although polyester is usually thin, it’s a great insulator and is often used in long-sleeved goalie jerseys. The only drawback of polyester goalie jerseys is that odours cling to the fabric and they must be washed frequently.


Polypropylene isn’t the best option for daily training but is perfect for sessions in high-humidity conditions. This fabric is made from plastic and is waterproof, durable, and wrinkle-resistant. However, polypropylene goalie jerseys may be thicker than polyester.


Nylon provides strong competition to polyester. It’s soft, flexible, and mould- and water-resistant. Nylon easily returns to its original state after stretching. Furthermore, it has even better sweat-wicking capabilities than polyester, quickly evaporating moisture from the surface.


Mesh is usually used for panel inserts, but goalie jerseys made entirely from mesh are also available. It’s the perfect material for training and matches in hot weather. Mesh jerseys allow the skin to breathe, reducing sweating, and don’t wrinkle. Technically, a mesh jersey can be made from any material, be it nylon, polyester, or cotton.

Fibre Blend

Most modern goalie jerseys aren’t made from 100% polyester or nylon. Instead, they are made from a fibre blend, combining the best characteristics of two or more fabrics. For instance, cotton is often added to synthetics to improve fabric breathability.

Recycled and Eco-Friendly Materials

With the rising public concerns about environmental issues, many activewear brands started producing goalie jerseys from recycled synthetic fibres or sustainably sourced natural fibres. Such jerseys offer all the best characteristics of regular fabric while helping us protect the planet.


Every goalkeeper knows that protection is just as important as comfort. Matches and training always pose a risk of injury. Some professional goalie jerseys feature ergonomic protective pads in strategic places to keep the player safe from cuts, bruises, and impact.

Protection is especially important for professional goalkeepers. When the game gets serious, challenges may become reckless. Search for goalie jerseys with padded elbows for a smooth landing.


The goalkeeper’s jersey must be of a different colour from the rest of the team. As goalkeepers are the only players allowed to touch the ball with their hands, referees need to instantly recognise them on the field.

It’s best to consult with the other team when choosing your goalie jersey’s colour. You should ensure it differs from other players’ jerseys but doesn’t match the opposing team’s or match official’s jersey. Football’s regulating bodies impose strict guidelines regarding jersey colour for athletes competing at international level. However, beginner or intermediate athletes are free to choose the colour they prefer while complying with this one simple rule.

Looking Good Between the Sticks

Choosing a stylish goalie jersey is the perfect way to showcase your individuality. For instance, Adidas produces goalie jerseys with an abstract wavy pattern in vivid colour, while Jako offers jerseys with tribal ornaments.

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