Tips on Maximizing Your Sweetgreen Experience

Sweetgreen is one of the more famous brands among fast-casual restaurants, with about 50 locations spread out all over the country. The principle here is that they offer healthy food with ingredients from local farmers. But at the same time, they’re also like other fast-food items. They’re quick to make, and they’re actually delicious. That’s not an easy combination to find in many fast-casual restaurants. 

And that’s why Sweetgreen has become a phenomenon among many conscientious lunch-goers. Who can resist the siren call of food that’s both delicious and nutritious? But visiting a Sweetgreen location can be problematic, with long lines and an expansive menu to deal with. So, to make sure you get the best experience here, try to heed the following tips: 

1. Come Here Early

Seriously, you can’t just amble on to a Sweetgreen location on a whim, especially when it’s past 1pm. That means you are going to have to get into a very long line that will snake to-and-fro around barriers. It’s going to be like a line at a sports arena. You’ll then have to wait out while your stomach hungrily protests. 

What this obviously means is that it’s best if you come here as early as you can for lunch. Noon is better, and even 11am is a better time than that. There will still be a line, but it won’t be as long. And you can return to work at a decent hour. 

Monday to Wednesday is very busy, while Thursdays and Fridays are quieter. The other patrons are probably visiting the unhealthy fast-food joints to celebrate the coming weekend. 

2. Plan Your Approach in Advance

When you do fall in line and it’s finally your turn to order, you should already know what you’re having. Don’t fall in line and then wait until you’re at the counter before you even think about what you’re getting. Don’t even bother to ask questions about the ingredients. There’s no time for small talk. The people behind you won’t be amused, and you don’t really want to annoy hungry people. Murders have been committed for less serious reasons. 

Just check out the Sweetgreen website for the menu, or you can take a look at what’s available when you view on PriceListo the menu items and average costs. That way, you also know what each thing costs. If you’re paying with cash, then you know how much money to bring. 

3. Bring your Debit or Credit Card

In some locations, cash may not be preferred. It may not even be acceptable, as a few Sweetgreen locations are trying out going cashless. Of course, make sure your debit or credit card is in good order. It simply won’t do if it’s denied and you keep asking the people behind the counter to “run it again”. 

4. Additional Rules

The rules above are the most basic, and if you know them, then you’re already good. But there are more tips that can make your Sweetgreen experience even better. 

5. Download the Sweetgreen App

It’s available on both the App store and Google Play, and it’s not as if you have to pay for it. Install it, and check out the various promos. You can get rewards if you refer a friend, and enjoy $5 discount and free delivery. The prices here aren’t really all that high, but why pay more when you can pay less? 

6. Be Nice to the Sweetgreen Workers

Of course, you should be nice to everyone. But it’s especially true when you’re in Sweetgreen. They’re already nice to you, so the logical reaction is to be nice to them. 

Also, when you’re nice to them, they’re so nice that they might just be a bit more generous when they’re adding the toppings to your order. And you night want to pause a bit in between listing your toppings, so you can give them time to decide if they’re giving you a bit extra of that topping. 

7. Do You Want the Pesto Vinaigrette? 

If you’re all about taste, then go for it. It’s really delicious, and it will enhance whatever you’re ordering. 

However, it’s also really salty. So, it may not be the best choice overall if you have blood pressure and other cardiovascular issues, and your doctor wants you to watch your sodium intake. 

8. Do You Want the Cashew Dressing? 

Yes, this is also yummy. But it does something funny to your breath, so it may not be the ideal choice if you’re on a date or you’re going back to the office. This might be better if you’re going straight home after your Sweetgreen visit. 

9. Don’t Sulk If They Don’t Have Your Fave Ingredient

Some ingredients are seasonal, so you’re out of luck if they’re out of season. And not all locations get all the seasonal ingredients. Stuff happens, and be an adult and just accept that fact of life. 

10. What About the Mushrooms? 

Don’t get the mushrooms when they’re “pale”. They’re only great when they’re dark. 

11. What About the Pears?

The pears in Sweetgreen are always hard. If you prefer soft pears, then this is a no-go. 

12. What About the Apples? 

If they’re Gala apples, then no. Get them if they’re McIntosh apples

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