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Tips to get good roller skates

If you are interested in getting roller skates you should know that these are made for stuff like fitness, normal skating or even disco plus dancing. If you are looking for some all-round skates that have a classic skate look, think about getting roller skates. These are also referred to as quad skates. They get made with a wide baseplate which gives you good stability. They are good for all ages. Kids and older people can use them.

The following are some tips to keep in mind when you look for roller skates:

Wheel features

Roller skates tend to have four wheels in pairs. This allows them to be stable when you stand on them. When looking at the wheels, you should think about whether you wish to get hard wheels or the soft wheels.

The durometer scale is what figures out the hardness of the wheel. This is from 0-100A. The harder your wheels will be when they are closer to 100.

The harder wheels are able to give a longer lifespan, however they will have less grip along with shock absorption. When considering softer wheels, they give better grip plus shock absorption, but have a shorter lifespan.

The bearings

You need to handle the bearings well so that the quad skates perform excellently. Therefore avoid water plus moist as much as you can. Also stay away from sand and dirt.

You should know that it is often not important to focus much on bearings when getting roller quad skates as you rarely will reach a speed that will be high enough to impact which rating of ABEC bearings which you should have.

Hard-boot or soft-boot

You can get roller skates like hard-boots/hard-shells or even like soft-boots/soft-shells.

The hard-boots tend to be good for fitness use along with longer rides, as they give good stability as well as support. These even have the benefit that the liner is able to be replaced at the time that it gets worn out.

The soft-boots are a good option if you need a more maneuverable skate for stuff like dancing or disco. They are even better ventilated moreover weigh less.

Size guide

Check out the size guide present on the product page before getting anything. It is better to select one size bigger in comparison to the regular shoe size. This is if no other instructions are given in the size guide.

Getting the correct size may be tough. The skates need to possess a firm fit around the feet and that without being really tight and not too loose. Therefore for some people they will need to select the same size like their regular shoe size, whilst others having a size up, will be right. If you are buying the roller skates for the first time, you can think about going one size up. Check out the size guide carefully as if a certain model is really small in size, you may need to go two sizes up.

When buying roller skates, you should do your research carefully if you want to get the best ones for your needs.

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