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Top 10 arguments for the death penalty

Have you ever watched an action movie and got angry at how criminals and murderers went scot-free at the end?  Maybe you waited for them to be shot or bombed, only for them to get a life sentence. It’s the same feeling with death penalty supporters. They feel the only way for a hardcore criminal to pay for their crimes is through death. Here are the top arguments for the death penalty.

Controversies about the death penalty

The death penalty is still an ethical argument in many countries.  People have never agreed whether it’s necessary to use it as a punishment for extreme crimes. Religious people oppose this form of punishment, arguing that it’s only the life-giver that has the right to take away life

1.     It delivers justice to murderers

The death penalty ensures that murderers pay for their crimes.  The argument is that there is no other punishment that can equate to murder. Only by murder can a murderer pay for their actions.

The law has highlighted capital crimes, including child rape, murder, mass murder, terrorism. These crimes depend on your country’s law.

2.     It serves as a warning to those who may think of committing a crime

Capital punishment is used to prevent other crimes. It’s hard to stop people from committing a crime if you don’t show them the seriousness of their actions.  The death penalty sends a message to other criminals on what awaits them if they commit the same crime.

The death penalty prevents other crimes because no one wants to die. It’s hard for you to commit a crime that will lead to death. People will also avoid being criminals in their best interest.

3.     To save the society

Another argument is that some criminals are beyond redemption. They have become so hardened in their crimes that their presence is a threat to society and everyone around them.   For instance, some have killed their fellow prisoners and guards. The only way to keep everyone at peace is to kill these criminals.

4.     It’s suitable for the criminal

People who commit heinous crimes are never the same. Many become depressed after imprisonment. A prison allows them to reflect on their lives and see the actual consequences of their action. Their lives change, and they become remorseful.

Some have admitted that they deserve to die.  A case study on an Indiana prison shows criminals on death row. Many of them agreed that its justice for them to be put to death. Others have no family members, and they see it’s okay to die.

5.     It avenges for victim’s family

Family members of the crime victim will never move on knowing that the criminal is still alive. They would leave in fear, especially, if they witnessed the crime. Though the criminal may be put behind bars, victims will always have an irrational fear that the criminal may find their way out.

6.     The death penalty is cheaper than life imprisonment

Many argue that the cost of keeping someone imprisoned for life is expensive.  The government continues to raise taxes to cater to the need of these criminals.  The argument is that it’s unfair to add more burden to the society.

Prisons take money meant for other development projects. Instead of directing money to schools, hospitals, and infrastructure, it’s directed to building more prisons and buying facilities.

7.     It’s a survival for the fittest strategy

Darwin’s theory of evolution argues that only people with good qualities and genes remain. All others will die over the years.  The death penalty is seen to remove people who cannot live in a civilized and moral society. They struggle to keep the law and be disciplined.

8.     Its constitutionally right

Another argument for the death penalty is that the law demands it.  Sentencing a person to death is not a decision that one judge sits and decides.  They follow the constitution, which members of the society agree to. Failing to put criminals to death would be disrespecting the law.

9.     A fair system delivers it

Before deciding to prosecute someone, more than five judges must unanimously agree on the sentence. The offender is also given a chance to appeal their case to satisfactory.  A decision made after this back and forth discussion is, therefore, fair.

10.It’s the greatest good for the greatest number of people

Philosophers argue that an action should be considered right or wrong depending on its effect on the majority.  Capital punishment serves as the greatest good for the majority. They argue that they cannot compare the needs of the offender with a whole nation.

The article has discussed why people propose capital punishment.  The world has never agreed on this subject. Scholars still argue for and against the death penalty.  These points can help you write your essay on philosophical arguments.

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