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Top 10 Websites to Make Money Online for Creators Yaoi And Bl in 2021

Lockdown sucks. Staying at home all day lying on the bed might be your thing, but not being able to move outside and work is potentially an international crisis. Fear not, because it means this is an era of online working. Put yourself in the industry with these online tasks and jobs that can help you earn a bunch for entertainment or make a serious living, depending on your skills and commitment.

1. Blogging

No, you don’t have to be good at literature in grade school to open your own blog. Blogging can be writing about anything you’re interested in, sharing your point of view, your life experience or professional knowledge, or showing off your love of photography or filming. Sounds fun, but the process may be not that quick and lovely.  It takes great effort and time to build a successful blog. It may take one or two years with regular upload every week. Having a blog is a great foundation for other monetizing methods. You can either create a new website or blog on WordPress, Wix, Weebly, or even Tumblr.

2. Affiliate Marketing

This is a common way of advertising a product and making online money with online platforms like your websites, blogs, social media accounts or your YouTube channel. The process is quite simple: you sign up for an affiliate program, promote their products on your platforms and receive a percentage if a transaction is made via the link you share. The ugly truth is people hate annoying ads, so you should choose the right product or service that you yourself would approve, and use your credibility and reputation to convince your networks.

3. Freelancing

Freelancing is a field full of potentials for both amateur and professional job seekers. You can work anywhere, anytime that’s convenient to you, as long as you meet your client’s requirements and deadlines. No long lines of cars on the way to work, no gossiping colleagues, and no sitting in one place until your back hurts like crazy.  The job can range from web developing, graphic design, SEO, video or image editing, to transcribing, translating, virtual assistant and countless more. Check out Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, ProBlogger, etc. for more opportunities.

4. Comic Creators

You can create comics for money, there are lots of platforms that bring your work to a global audience like webtoon naver, wattpad, manycomic,, tapas, toomics, or lezhin.  create different genres of stories such as Manhwa, Manhua or Manga with diverse themes such as Bl, Yaoi or Drama, Sci Fi and submit to those platforms.  When readers read your stories, the advertising revenue is shared and you have a chance to sell your work.

5. Develop Mobile Games

If you are a content creator and a game developer, this is a great way for you to earn money by creating games of superheroes such as batman games, spiderman games, ben 10 games,  With ben 10 aliens, mario games, sonic games and submitted to platforms like Manygames or Instant gaming, you have the opportunity to make profits from global players.

6. Becoming a Youtuber

Of course, you cannot be a full-time YouTuber like PewDiePie or DanTDM, but this can be your fun side gig. Find your niche (just like starting any hobby or professional blog) and make videos about it. The most popular types are How-to and unboxing videos. Promoting yourself on social media and online forums is a good start. Check out Google AdSense to find a way of earning money through ads.


Yaoi is a Japanese term that belongs to one of the genres in manga or anime.  Content related to gay relationships with men.  Towards female readers.
Yaoi = yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi = no climax, no clarity, no meaning.  (no climax, no point, no meaning).  Take the first letters of the three clusters on Ya – O – I put together the word Yaoi.  If you are the content creator for manga then send your yaoi manga to to make money.

8. Selling Photography Online

This can be a zero investment job if you already have a good smartphone, or a semi-professional camera, and a computer for editing at your disposal. You can take photos of almost anything, the streets, the city, the park, or even your pet cat, and there will be someone who wants to buy that photo. It can be creative or realistic, but make sure to make it look neat and in high quality. Visit Shutterstock, Etsy, or iStock for more ideas.

9. Answering Online Surveys

You can spend your 10-20 minutes of free time in-between your daily routine to answer a survey and earn a few bucks. There are actual people willing to pay for your time and opinions. You can find online paid surveys and polls on sites such as Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and MyPoints. Normally, you will have to earn up to a certain amount of dollars or points to be able to withdraw your earnings (typically through PayPal).

10. Teaching Online

You can always be someone’s teacher. If you like talking, online real-time interacting tutoring might be your strength. You can also create online courses and sell them. The potentials are endless: science, technology, IT, design, maths, or even history and geography. You will have to prepare for materials, activities and tests just like any teacher, but once you get everything done, you can just repeat what you’ve prepared before. Start your new career now with MemberPress.

The key to making online money is to make use of your reputation and combining multiple methods. So, no need to be a public celeb, you can earn from what you’re good at inside your cosy home!

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