Top 3 Mobile Architecture Apps

Mobile Architecture Applications help designers, architects and clients the opportunity to leverage the best of technology to deliver value and satisfaction.

Below we feature the Top 3 Mobile Architecture Apps that will have you designing and sharing your work in no time:


The BIMx Mobile Architecture App bridges the gap between the architect’s design studio and the practical aspects of a construction site. App users can visualize and coordinate all architectural project processes alongside all stakeholders using this App.

This App allows those not used to design to explore the building model and get a better grasp and control of the time bound project deliverables. Using this App, those on construction sites can collaborate with architects using real time model cut throughs allowing for fast feedback from clients.

Standard features include Hyperlinked 2D & 3D views, a Fly & Walk mode, Real-time 3D cutaway and photo realistic finger controls that allow the user to zoom, pan and rotate.

This App also allows users to measure and trace 2D drawings on 3D and hyperlinked 2D and 3D views as well. App users can furthermore explore 3D models of any size, save their favourites and use them for convincing presentations.

Following a two-week trial period this App follows a subscription based model with added features and benefits for premium users.


The Magicplan Mobile Architecture App helps users to create floor plans and estimates all in one place and is also handy for those who have to keep submitting field reports as well.

With this App Developers Australia can measure and instantly sketch interior plans in both 2D and 3D and then enhance them with photos, images, and mark-ups that help create structured reports.

App users can also offer quick estimates with automatic functionality that does the calculations for you. With over 20 million downloads this App is free to use with added benefits for premium subscribers including sketching, reporting and estimating.

Planner 5D

The Planner 5D Mobile Architecture App provides the opportunity for both professionals and amateurs to create beautiful interior and exterior designs and present them as 2D or 3D models.

The App’s virtual reality function lets users choose from a wide catalogue of interior and exterior items so they can place them and see what everything will look like in a practical manner.

Using the editor function, App users can edit and view their designs in a number of modes and furthermore this App can be used offline with an interface that covers eight global languages.

The free version allows users to add an unlimited number of projects with multi-platform editing and even custom textures and 2D and 3D editing. Through in-app purchases App users can access the full category of over 5000 items with an ad-free experience.

This App allows users to seamlessly create floor plans, choose and customise all their furniture, decorations and accessories with hundreds of textures at your service. In addition, App users can drag and drop items wherever they want and even change their size and scale to give a great look and feel in virtual reality mode.

As your design progresses App users can share photo-realistic images and snapshots of their designs that can all be created both on and offline for Jobs Sri Lanka.


With Mobile Architecture Apps an Australian Iphone Developer customer can really get a feel for their chosen design and also obtain a great visualisation of how their design will finally look and feel in a realistic and practical manner. Download a Mobile Architecture App and give life to your designs!

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