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Top 4 Mobile Games You Have To Try

Mobile games don’t get enough of the limelight. They’re the unsung heroes of the gaming world. 88.9% of all gamers now play mobile phone games, and there are 2.7 billion gamers in the world at present. 2.4 billion of them play mobile phone games. It’s a massive community, yet it doesn’t have the same popularity exposure as PC or console gaming do.

Mobile phone games are a great pastime, a hobby, and a boredom curer. There have been some incredible mobile phone games over the years. From the likes of Temple Run to the classics such as Snake, some mobile phone games are immensely popular.

Do you need a new way to pass the time? Here are the top 5 mobile games you have to try.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is consistently voted one of the best mobile games to play. It’s immersive, exciting, and an excellent tribute to the original console games. Mobile players can enjoy the same weapons, game modes, and characters. Players can play online in brief 5v5 matches, which works perfectly. There’s no terrible app malfunctions or poor image quality that ruins the good name of Call of Duty.

To get the most out of the game, users have to acquire credits. Credits provide access to better weapons and perks. If you give the game a go and want to get your hands on some credits, check out It’s easier to buy credits online, and there are often better deals.

The creators of Call of Duty resisted introducing a mobile version of Call of Duty to the world. Instead, they released stand-alone zombie games. Call of Duty: Mobile is free to download, and it’s well worth trying it out to see if you like it if you’re a fan of the console game.

Candy Crush

Candy crush is the classic game that most middle-aged women and above are still addicted to. It’s the type of game you can spend hours playing and not get bored. There’s a reason behind the ongoing Candy Crush addiction that many people are feeling. Candy Crush gives your brain gratification and makes you feel like you’re doing a good job. The creators also made it so that the game would allow you to win early on, which triggers addictive personality traits.

The aim of the game is simple. Line up the pieces of candy, so they poof away. It’s a level-based game whereby players can advance by getting pieces of candy to line up. It sounds pretty simple, but it’s not. That’s what makes Candy Crush so addictive. Candy Crush is available to buy on the Android and iPhone app store for free. Beware, you will become addicted!

Candy Crush is available to buy on the Android and iPhone app store for free. Beware, you will become addicted! While on the subject of addictive games, it is important to understand what are the causes of video game addiction.

Tabletop Racing: World Tour

It wouldn’t be right to do a post about mobile phone games without putting a racing game in. Online racing games are one of the most popular genres of mobile phone games. They’re easy to play, usually have better gameplay modes and graphics, and have epic storylines.

Tabletop Racing is a fast-paced racer game, and users have to guide the car around circuits that are made from giant household objects. It’s a random game, but that’s what makes it so good. Imagine Mario kart and Micro Machines mashed together in one game, and you have Tabletop Racing: World Tour. Don’t think that because the game looks funny to play that it’s not serious. It’s a highly competitive game that will get you screaming at your phone.

There are ways of upgrading the car you’re using, but the way to play and advance through the game is pure skill. The controls are easy to use in comparison to some mobile racing games. Users will find it far easier to get around the track without crashing every two minutes.


Minecraft is an incredibly popular game. Minecraft shot to fame originally as a PC game which has now expanded to every device. PC, console, and now mobile. Minecraft is so addictive because there’s just so many things to do. There’s always something new to mine, build, break down, rebuild again; the cycle goes on. There’s always the worry that when a great game is released on mobiles, that the reputation will be tarnished. That’s not the case with Minecraft. The quality of gameplay for Minecraft mobile is amazing.

The controls are responsive, the graphics are great, and it’s a great tribute to the PC and console versions. The aim of the game is to collect mining materials and equipment and build whatever you fancy building. Players have built some truly incredible structures.

Mobile gaming is not for everyone, but there is a mobile game out there for everyone.

They’re an excellent way to pass the time and stop yourself from aimlessly scrolling through social media. Check out the top-rated games on the Android and iPhone app stores, and see if there’s a game for you.

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