Top 5 Interactive Post ideas for social media

Apart from the storefront or online website, the social media of the shop such as Facebook page and IG shop can be like another product catalog platform that will create the first impression for your customers.

Therefore, both restaurants and retailers should focus on content planning to post on social media to post content or content that will resonate with customers and lead the trend.

However, content planning is something that takes a lot of time. Because entrepreneurs like you will need to take into account many factors as follows:-

  1. Related to the audience/target customers
  2. consistent with the products/services of the store
  3. Images must be unique and reflect your brand identity.

Suppose you’re a small business entrepreneur who runs a store and plans marketing simultaneously. In that case, it might be challenging to find time to schedule a brainstorming session for social media content because it’s busy enough to do the first two. already equated

Therefore, to help alleviate the burden of restaurant operators and retailers. Today here is some Interactive Facebook post ideas for creating content for Social Media for entrepreneurs to plan monthly posts easier.

Image of lifestyle products

Of course, the first thing that entrepreneurs want to post on social media is product pictures! There are many ways in which the shop displays products, such as

  • Flat Lay images that are simple and easy on the eyes
  • photo in the studio
  • Product photo with model/model
  • lifestyle outdoor photography
  • Pictures of the use of products in various formats.

So try to find the selling point of your product and show it through photos.

For example, the Street dress shop in the picture below presents its products through models with a green grass screen that makes the dress stand out even more. It is an exciting lifestyle product photography.

Customer Testimonial 

Everyone wants to see the product in action in real life. to see a clear picture of how they will turn out when they use it

If you already have regular customers who buy your products. This group of customers will know very well what the product is. And if your loyal customers have taken photos of your products and posted them on social media, be sure to repost to show other customers that your products are good and have real users.

However, if the store does not have a post from a customer, You can always contact customers to ask about the use of the product.

Customer Testimonial or customer testimonials This is considered very important in running a restaurant business, retail store, and any business because it is Social Proof that helps build credibility for your shop and brand.

Don’t forget to repost or re-share the stories your customers say about your store or product. It can be a regular post or a story.

Motivational posts

Share beautiful and inspiring pictures or stories. Or it could be a post about your Digital Marketing Companies values.

In terms of inspirational stories, You can find great content in the media. Celebrities/Celebrities, or post on their Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Or to post funnily, it’s a good Interactive Post Ideas as well. You have to adjust to the brand and post at the right time.

In the example below is the shop ISSUE Thailand that has applied the Face Sheild to the hat, which is considered a trendy idea and an excellent inspiration for dressing up in the COVID-19 era.

Behind (Behind The Scene)

What is the production process like?

How long does each product take to produce?

Show your customers behind-the-scenes work and production processes. Let your customers see that you are meticulous and attentive to every step of the way: idea, inspiration, production, and delivery.

When customers see your brand’s transparency and intentions, Customers will appreciate your product even more.

Like SUITCUBE, they regularly post behind-the-scenes photos to show their customers the process of working and paying attention to choosing the best for them regularly.

Talk about the shop/company/the highlight of the shop’s products.

Share the story of the store/company tell customers who the owner of the shop is. What is the origin of the shop? Why was it founded? How long have you been open? How do you plan the future of the store? Including advice for new entrepreneurs who want to have their shop or business.

The shop can make their posts. Or you can repost from the website or media that the shop interviewed.

Or another idea to post that the shop can easily follow is to tell about the product’s strengths—the specialty of the ingredients/menu, the origin of the recipe, etc.

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