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Top clues to keep in mind when choosing independent living units for seniors

Independent living units are a great choice for seniors who want to live on their own, but still have access to care in the case something occurs. This can be a very practical decision, especially if you or a loved one has had some health or mobility issues. The independent living facility provides a service that allows seniors to maintain their independence while also providing them with the occasional assisted services they may require in the long term such as housekeeping, meal preparation, and personal health assistance.

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Things to remember when choosing independent living units

There are many reasons people choose to live in independent living units. These are some of the most common ones

Security – Independent living communities offer a safe place for older adults to call home, but with services available that they may not be able to take care of on their own.

Treatment – Independent living communities can offer support for mental illnesses or other medical conditions.

Transitioning from assisted living – Many people transition from assisted living to an independent living community as they age.

Ideal environment – If someone is seeking a more intimate environment or has trouble getting around, an independent living community may be a better fit than an apartment building or condo.

Many facilities also offer amenities like transportation to local shopping, medical appointments, and activities. They can also provide monthly social gatherings for residents. Senior adults who want to live independently but still want help with basic tasks find this type of arrangement ideal.

Take your time and don’t rush the process of choosing your new living situation. If your lease is up for renewal, think about whether or not you are ready for a change.

Consider what kind of support will be available to you if you need it. Will there be a 24-hour emergency response service? Will there be a concierge or someone who will take your shopping for you? Is there an apartment manager on call?

Talk to people who have lived in the building before and ask them questions like, “Was there ever any crime?” “Is the landlord responsive?” “Is the rent reasonable?” Find out what they liked and didn’t like about their building.

Talk with friends who live on their own or visit websites that provide information on independent.

Try to find independent living units with space for entertaining guests. This is particularly important if you enjoy entertaining. Be sure that you choose a home that allows your own furniture and decorations, rather than a furnished home. This is also very important if you enjoy decorating and creating a cozy home atmosphere.

Independent living units are an attractive option for many seniors who want a more independent lifestyle without having to live alone. For those who wish to age in their own homes, they are a viable alternative to assisted living that can help maximize independence and quality of life. They also have the benefit of being much less expensive than assisted living, costing just $3,200 on average.

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