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Top companies that hire for Remote Teaching jobs

With advancements in technology, most teaching organizations have started online learning programs. Now students can get the required academic support by sitting at their homes. The  online tutoring websites provide them with a flexible teaching environment. For example, students get the recorded teaching videos. In addition, they can decide the time window to complete a lesson plan. Therefore, more and more students are opting for remote tutoring, which has also increased the online remote job opportunities for tutors.

When it comes to the US online tutoring services,  its demand has been increasing from the time of the global pandemic. As a result, remote tutoring companies are hiring more and more tutors for teaching all age groups. So, whether are experienced or beginner in the field of teaching, you have great opportunities to start a work-at-home career. After conducting deep research, we have come up with a list of top companies that offer remote tutoring jobs.


It is one of the leading Chinese online tutoring companies that teach English to students from China and other countries. To join VIPKID as an online tutor, you need to be eligible to teach in Canada or the US. VIPKID prefers tutors with a minimum of two years of teaching experience, graduation in any field. If you qualify to work with Vapidly, sign the six-month contract with the firm and don’t have any minimum hours teaching requirement.

The VIPKID, an online English teaching community, offers its tutors monthly bonuses for being punctual, tutoring 30 classes per month. Moreover, they value their employees and also takes regular feedback from them.

  1. My Private Professor

My Private Professor is an e-learning platform for students all over the world. It connects the students with proficient and knowledgeable online tutors around the globe. They offer education from kindergarten students to all grades. They also have experts to help their students boost the SAT preparation and score well. Here students can find English to Physics tutors online in no time.

Their tutors have all the required educational resources within the affordable price range. To work with My Private Professor, you can visit the website and provide the details in the form, and they will reach you if you meet their requirements.

  1. TeacherOn

TeacherOn is a free teaching website for students all over the world. The TeacherOn has local online tutors who give students l assignments, lessons, projects, and dissertations for more than 4500 subjects.

To work with this website, you need to complete your profile on the website, and after that, willing students can contact you, and if you want, you can also contact them directly. Then, the tutor decides the amount they want to charge. To get students on this website, your profile should be attractive and meets the students’ requirements; only then you can stand out.

  1. com

Tutor.com provides e-learning opportunities to students with mathematics, science, and technology and prepares them well for the entrance tests. Working with Tutor.com, the tutors get paid the highest amount they deserve.

Moreover, if you don’t hold any prior experience as a tutor, you can still join them provided you are an expert in the subjects you chose to teach. If you are pursuing a Ph. D, or a teacher, you will find your best possible place as a tutor with us. The condition is you need to clear the subject test, mock session, and our background check.

  1. eTutors Zone

 The eTutors Zone is one of the most efficient online platforms that help students with customized learning programs that fulfill their needs. In addition, their experts assist students with test preparations like SAT, ACT, FCAT, IOWA, and more.

 To work with this educational provider, you need to be dedicated towards your work to make it more fun and interesting for the enrolled students. Also, creating a creative studying environment for the students is a must.

  1. Kaplan

Kaplan is a diverse and most affordable online education platform. They have extensive experience in providing educational services to school and college students across the globe. Also, they prepare their students for high-level exams and certifications. They have tie-ups with the world’s top universities.

They have a wide range of job opportunities for teachers and instructors. You can visit their website to choose the best suitable job role for you. The basic requirements are bachelor’s to doctorate and a minimum of one year of teaching experience.

  1. K12

K12 provides high-quality and customized educational programs to students. They plan interactive academic curriculums so that they can keep their students engaged and interested in their studies. K12 is the best choice for career-minded learners. They teach real-world skills to their enrolled students.

 They are equipped with all the educational resources to offer an excellent e-learning experience. You can explore the wide career options they have for remote tutors like English language tutors, maths tutors, etc.

  1. Prodigy – Prodigy Game

It is a math game that allows the children to answer math questions in a fun way. It is a free e-learning platform for early-age students. This interactive online learning platform helps train students with math skills and prepares them for the standard math tests. So, if you are a math coach and want to work with Prodigy, then look for online tutor jobs on their website.

  1. Magoosh

Magoosh is a well-known test preparation educational company that offers worldwide services. It helps students for GMAT, SAT, LSAT, ACT, and more. You can submit your application for the job role you want.

If they are impressed with your resume or cover letter, they will reach you over the phone and conduct an online test. After passing the test, you will have two interview rounds over the phone.


If you want to make teaching a full-time or part-time career, there are plenty of options to become an online tutor. In the above list, we have given you detail about the top companies that offer e-learning services. You can choose the best one where you can get enough exposure in the teaching field.

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