Top DIY Home Renovation Tips & Techniques You May Consider Adopting

With the pandemic confining us to our homes for over 2 years, our home now no longer is a place where we go back daily for a bit of relaxation. They now have transformed into workspaces, cafeterias, breakout areas, and children’s playrooms – all rolled up into one! During your countless Google meets and Zoom meetings, have you ever switched your backgrounds to the templates of embarrassment surrounding your home? With the Bank of Baroda Home Loan or Bandhan Bank home loan, you can use the proceeds to renovate your home as per your style. Here are some simple DIY tips for renovating your home – 

Throw in some vibrant, jolly, and happy colours – 

Are your dull, white, or grey walls making you depressed and stressed? Get hold of some cans of your happy colours and paint your walls the way you want them to be. If you fret that you might not do an excellent job as you are not a pro, don’t stress over it. Amateur brush strokes appear artistic and raw. Also, you can include a dash of colour to your dull walls by throwing in some decals, posters, and paintings of your most-watched and loved sitcoms, sportsperson, films etc. 

There is nearly zero need to shell out a lot of money over decent paintings. You just need to approach the nearest Indian government art gallery, where reprints and paintings made by famous artists are sold at a reasonable cost with frames. This you can use to place over your bedroom, living room etc. 

Declutter –

Renovation even means getting rid of discarded, unused, or burdensome articles. You can use additional unused space available in your kitchen. You can also design a new kitchen cabinet by implementing a few of your ideas and saving money. If you do not require a cabinet, then you can repaint old ones and reuse them. 

Windows –

Look at your home windows while you are on a renovation spree. Try to install bigger windows if possible. In case it is impossible, clean them and repaint them. One of the best tips is to repaint your window in a lighter shade to increase the incoming light. 

Bathroom –

Bathrooms are nothing but a reflection of your hygiene.

When renovating your home, have a look at the inexpensive fixtures in your bathroom and change them. Additionally, you can even go for a cabinet repaint in your bathroom. Cheapest Tiles offers bathroom tiling products to help with your bathroom renovation process.

Buy a bookshelf – 

Never bought a bookshelf to keep scores of your books that are often piled up on your floor. Well, now is just the perfect time for you to get over all your laziness and buy one. Online financial marketplaces provide a lot of discounts on your furniture almost every month and even on specific occasions. Also, they have some appealing designs that may amaze you. You can also choose to go for a second-hand piece if you do not have enough budget for brand-new furniture. Having a bookshelf can assist in lifting your mood in your living room and may also become just the right spot for a conversation starter. In case your top appears bare, you can light it up with some succulent or bonsai plants. 

Change your mood with just the correct lighting – 

Are you hosting a party but failing to get the right vibe, or can you not get your mood right? The correct lighting can assist you in setting your mood for any occasion. You can make use of cellophane paper or distinct colours to bright wrap bulbs or hand-paint lamps to place them in the corner to brighten up your mood. You do not need to purchase costly disco balls for your home parties. Use the above DIY ideas to form the correct party setup. 

Quirk up your décor –

Just a simple rearrangement of furniture can endow your home with a thorough makeover. You can also spruce up your décor with eco-friendly knacks like terrariums, ceramic planters, colourful hanging kettles, terracotta vases and others. Knacks like these can be easily availed at the right price. These can even have an instant and positive impact on your home.  

Replace the curtains –

One of the simplest ways to change the monotonous appearance of your whole home is by changing your home curtains. Summers in our country are extremely unbearable, so if you would like to keep your room airy and cool, you can go for sheer curtains or consider buying bamboo blinds even. To get an elegant look, you can choose pleat curtains. 

Go green –

Plants are not just an instant mind lifter but also hold fantastic health advantages. You can hang or place bonsai plants in your living room, dining table, kitchen counter and rest of your home wherever it fits the best. If you want to grow some veggies instead of sparing money over purchasing them from the market, you can also choose to organically grow your fruits and vegetables in a secluded piece of land in your home. 

Spruce up your home furniture with pillows –

Remember that pillows can extremely change the appearance of your couches, sofas, or divans. You can give your monotonous-looking furniture an instant lifter by throwing up some pillows. Nowadays, pillows come in almost all possible sizes and shapes, and there are tons of appealing pillow covers on the online marketplaces that you may consider purchasing. Also, you can buy your favourite photo, posters, etc., and get them printed on your pillow covers. 

While you may consider availing of a personal loan or swipe your credit card for your home renovation funding, it is best you try and avail of a Home Renovation Loan as they are cheaper than such unsecured loans. However, in case you are unable to avail a home renovation loan for renovation purposes, you may then go for a personal loan. Note that once you have availed of a personal loan, you must be extremely careful with your repayments. Ensure to repay your personal loan EMIs in full and on time.

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