Top Effective Tips To Keep Your Awnings New As Forever

Top Effective Tips To Keep Your Awnings New As Forever

Awnings are a trendy and worthy investment that can provide you shade during the hot summers and are a superb extension for your deck. Apart from providing shade, it serves to be a decorative element that you can incorporate to beautify your home exteriors. 

Awnings, these days, have become a part of every home due to their ability to add a pinch of vogue to windows and doorways, besides blessing your home with a shady corner. But they also need some good care and efforts bestowed by the owner to stay in good shape and tip-top condition. 

Even though retractable awnings designed by Awning companies north jersey are manufactured to fare well on their own, here are a few tips that you can consider swearing by to make their appearance outshine:

Cleaning it religiously

Routine cleaning can help in maintaining your awnings as new as forever. Not only does regular clean-up make it look new, but it also makes it bestow a beautiful appearance.  All you need to do is to take a bucket of water, add some mild detergent powder, and scrub the awning with a soft brush using this detergent-water mixture to get them shining bright as ever. 

But make sure that you do not merely rush with the cleaning process and use gentle movements while scrubbing the brush on the fabric, or you may end up spoiling the fabrics. Once you are done with it, you can rinse the awning with water and allow it to dry to get your awnings rid of dirt, explicating its shine and luster.


Just like any other room or space of your house, the awnings also require a regular inspection. Though awnings are manufactured such that they do not require high-level maintenance and regular inspections, it is a good idea to inspect the framework before the outdoor season hits the corner. 

Cleaning the framework, lubricating its parts that need a touch-up, etc., can help keep the awnings in good shape and trigger smooth functioning.

Using the right kind of cleaners

There is a plethora of awning cleaning materials available in the market, but the catch lies in getting the right cleaning staples that do not ruin the fabrics of the awning. 

A stain or mildew deposition over the awning requires a commercial cleaner, and you cannot think of grabbing any random spray cleaner to get rid of such stains. 

And, if at all you tend to use random cleaners, the stains may spread further, ruining the awning fabric. Hence always be geared with good quality commercial cleaners to make your awnings look appealing.

Identify the purpose

Retractable awnings are custom made to fledge the users with shade during hot summers and thus are a perfect way to beat the scorching sun rays. Hence one should take care that these are used against the sun and not when it is windy or raining snow and hail. 

Also, when you roll up the awnings, ensure that you do not roll up twigs and other debris trapped between the awnings, or it may tend to damage the awning materials in the long run.

Keep a check on wear and tear

Awnings are designed to serve for prolonged periods, but still, it is a good idea to keep an eye on any signs of wear and tear. However, if you happen to spot any such wear and tear, you can consider getting it mended on time to safeguard it against any further damages.

Do not store when wet

Always make sure that your awnings are completely dry before you store them. Storing it in a wet state can make it prone to develop mildew on its surface that can cause staining and spoil the appearance of your awning.

So if you don’t want to be startled off seeing your awning develop a mildew designer pattern letting out foul odor, the next time you open it, never ever store them when they are wet. Ensure that you dry it on both sides and also store them at a dry place free to prevent your awnings from facing the wrath of moisture. 

You can also consider wrapping the awnings in plastic for some added-on protection.

Retract when not in use

Keeping your awnings spread out all the time is quite easy, and your lazy bone habits may not even permit you to retract them when you are not using them. But retracting your awnings when not in use can help them safeguard against any kind of accidental damage.

Trimming trees close by the awnings

Trees and shrubs neighboring your awnings can pose a potential threat to these shade-giver beauties. Falling twigs and branches can cause tears on the awning and can hinder its smooth operation and functionality. 

On the contrary, a few trees can even release chemicals that may hamper the fabric and cause it to deteriorate over time. Thus it is necessary to trim trees and shrubs that surround your awning to keep them sheltered against such unpredictable threats.

Handle with care

Awnings are designed strong and sturdy, but they need to be handled with care while you open and close the same. Rough and careless handling can bring in quality degradation and may also hamper its performance. 

Hence it is always wise to follow the manual for operating the awnings and handle it with care so that you can expect your awnings to serve you for a longer period while maintaining their charm and beauty.

Keep an eye on the nuts and bolts

Your awning may undergo repeated opening and closing, and thus there are chances that the nuts and bolts may loosen over time. 

Thus, it is mandatory for the homeowners to have a close eye on the nuts and bolts to tighten them when they happen to discover any such issue or call for the professionals to seek a professional tuning up of the screws.


With these simple yet effective hacks, you can maintain and preserve the stylish looks of your retractable awnings for many years to come. So what are you waiting for? 

If you haven’t applied these hacks before, consider caring for your awnings using the tips mentioned above to make them breathe new and look stylish forever.

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