Mice In Your House

Top Signs You Have Mice In Your House or Apartment

If you visit the pet shop you may see small mice running around and may even be forgiven for thinking they are harmless and cute. However, the reality is that mice, such as those that invade your home, carry a variety of diseases. Perhaps the worst one they carry is Hantavirus.

This infection primarily targets the kidneys or the lungs and can cause serious complications. In some cases it is life-threatening. You can get the infection when you touch rodents or their droppings/urine. It is even possible to get the virus by inhaling the particles when you are too close to mice droppings. It’s a good idea to learn more here from your local specialist.

In short, if you see even one mouse you should find out more about your local pest control company and get them to deal with the issue. It’s worth noting that if you see one mouse in your home there are likely to be more.

It pays to know the signs that you have mice in your apartment or house.

The Edge Of the Room

Mice actually try to avoid you. That means they will move around in a room when you are not there and they will generally stay near the edge of the room. This is where you want to look for signs of their existence.

It’s worth noting that mice often rub against the wall as they move around and you are likely to see oily marks where they have been.

Mouse Droppings

Mice don’t worry about when and where they go to the toilet. In fact, most mice simply do it as they walk and even run around. That means, if you look at the darker areas of your home where mice are likely to travel, you may see mice droppings.

That’s a clear sign that you have a mouse issue and you need to take urgent steps to eliminate the issue.

Pipe Damage

Like most creatures, mice need water. That means they will locate a leaking pipe or perhaps even chew through a plastic pipe to get to the water inside. Check your plumbing, specifically your waster pipes, to see if they are damaged. This suggests the presence of mice.

Gnawed Items

Mice will gnaw anything to help them survive. They also prefer to live near a food source. That means they are most likely to be found in holes in your wall near the kitchen. Look for evidence of the wall being gnawed or food packets having teeth marks on them. Both suggest mice are present.


Mice generally come out at night which explains why you often don’t see them. But, if you’re laying in bed listening to some odd scratching noises, you probably have mice. Carefully creep to where the noise is and get comfortable with a torch. Wait until you hear the noise again and turn the torch on. You may see proof that you have a mouse issue.

Then you know it’s time to get professional help.

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