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Top Tips to Earning and Building Real Customer Loyalty

Building customer loyalty does not have to be an overly complex process. For any brand, business, or organisation, earning and building a truly loyal customer base is essential in helping your business thrive, but what steps can be made to ensure customer loyalty is built? Follow these steps and build customer loyalty for your brand like never before.

Enhance Customer Experience

This is an extremely important aspect of building customer loyalty. How can a customer become loyal, if their experience is not a positive one? This links directly to customer service; customers are willing to pay more if greater levels of customer experience are experienced. Whether this is online or in person, your audience needs to know who you are. This can span from interaction via social media, to presenting yourself appropriately on the shop floor. Customers often respond more positively when employees are dressed appropriately, so things like work uniform and brand pin badges can help in this respect, gaining trust, and ultimately loyalty.

Communication is Key

Frequent communication with your customer audience is imperative. This will ensure you are always on their mind, wherever they may be.

There are various platforms that can assist with this such as email, social media, and web chat via your website. As well as utilising upon online platforms, a good old fashioned phone call also won’t go amiss. This will allow your customers to know they are in direct contact with a real human, rather than an automated response or web bot.

Incentive Based Programs

Perks really do work! This one of the best and cheapest means of rewarding a customer for loyalty. Depending on your business, this can come in many different forms, and this depends entirely on what works best for your business model. Examples of reward-based systems can include a points program:

This is fairly basic concept, where customers earn points in which they can make purchases with. The more they buy, the more points they accumulate. If you are looking for a good digital rewards platform to implement, stamp me is a great place to start.

Customer Feedback

This is one of the biggest and best ways to improve customer loyalty while retaining it with current customers. This can be done through sending out surveys, keeping track of ratings and simply asking for reviews. If you receive feedback, you can find ways to improve your customer service first-hand and put certain action into play.  Additionally, if you are receiving positive customer feedback already, this is something you can easily showcase, allowing new potential customers to see exactly why they should use you as a provider of a product or service.

Other action you can take is to use an interview-based format, showcasing your company in a qualitative way. Great reviews can easily result in positive contribution, meaning that you will be able to increase the loyalty of old and new customers alike.

By following these steps, you easily put a plan into place to ensure that you are getting the customer loyalty that you know your brand or organisation truly deserves.

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