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Top Trends Among Instagram Food Bloggers

In light of this quotation, it’s evident that eating is the most critical factor in one’s personal development. Everyone has at least one culinary experience on their “bucket list.” What if, instead, you had access to every recipe for the tastiest food in the world? Sure, we’re talking about the top Instagrammers in the food blogging community who will show you how to make your delectable dishes. Alternatively, locations where you may sample the delicious creations of some of the world’s top yet relatively unheralded chefs.


Food blogger & author Gina Homolka has grabbed the Instagram food world by storm. She has gained over 1.6 million followers by transforming everyone’s favourite foods into nutritious and delicious alternatives. Homolka has written three cookbooks, all of which have debuted on The New York Times Best Sellers list. She caters to a broad array of dietary restrictions with her meals.


Inspirational food blogger Richa Hingle promotes healthy eating and lifestyle choices among her readers. Vegan Richa is where she publishes her delicious, plant-based recipes utilising only natural, vegan, and organic ingredients. Richa’s posts will motivate you to create unique vegetarian and nutritious dishes by drawing inspiration from her culinary experiments. You should try her Vegan Thai Pizza.

Hina Gujral

If you are constantly seeking fresh ideas and tactics to add some additional spice to your regular old recipes, Hina Gujral’s “Fun, Culinary and Frolic” is the food blog for you. A lot of the recipes she posts are ones she’s created herself, and they’re the kind that even those with little tolerance for heat can enjoy because of the careful balancing of spices and the use of generally healthier ingredients. These dishes are not only quick and easy to make, but they are also nutritious and tasty.

Asha Shiv

While it seems practically impossible to become sick with traditional foods, you will undoubtedly, at some point, desire to dig into creative recipes that give your senses something new. Asha Shiv’s blog offers a collection of tasty recipes for all three meals of the day, including breakfast foods like potato waffles and lunch and supper options like gujiyas and stirs fry. You may also discover a range of fruit creations on her site that will inspire you to cook fresh meals for every season.


Cherie Tu is a famous vegan food blogger in Sydney, Australia. She makes everything from scratch, using only healthy, vegan-friendly products. Someone with interest in food may spend hours scrolling through her account. The second edition of her cookbook “Thriving on Plants” has more than seventy-five of her original recipes.


Nandita Iyer, a trained chef and nutritionist, is responsible for creating Saffron Trail, a popular culinary blog. Nandita writes about molecular gastronomy, in which she has excelled while also attempting to demystify the culinary process. Her dishes perfectly balance deliciousness and nutritiousness. Nandita uses her blogs to spread awareness about the need for a balanced diet and nutritious food choices. Readers obsessed with maintaining a healthy lifestyle should subscribe to Saffron Trail.


This one is for the true foodies out there. Nidhi Kandari is an avid gourmet who founded Papi Paet to provide foodies with an opportunity to sample dishes from all around the globe. Only food is discussed at Papi Paet. Nidhi has a large and loyal following on Instagram because of her candid reviews, culinary videos, and images. She also shares her experiences through her blogs to enable rookie food bloggers to create a name for themselves. Papi Paet’s blog exuberates her passion for food, and she’s undoubtedly among the best food bloggers in India that should follow.

Harpal Singh Sokhi

Among Indian cuisine bloggers, Chef Harpal is among the most well-known. As a trained cook, he shares tasty recipes for vegetarian and meat-eating meals and drinks. His version of “Namak Shamak,” used often on his cookery programme, became his signature sound. However, he stays true to his heritage by giving all his dishes an irresistible Punjabi tadka.


Divine Taste is a blog about pure vegetarians. Chef, nutritionist, and author Anushruthi knows her way around the kitchen. She promotes saatvik cuisine, which is in line with ayurvedic principles, on her blog to help people live healthier lives. You may discover delicious meals that won’t offend your stomach at “Divine Taste,” even if they omit the onion, garlic, eggs, pork, or alcohol. You can check out Anushruthi’s popular reels or download them using Reels Download.

If indulging in sweets is your vice, you must follow “Passionate About Baking” by Deeba Rajpal (@passionateaboutbaking). She is a writer, culinary stylist, and baker who gives out her best secret dessert recipes. She makes delicious eggless treats using seasonal ingredients that will more than satisfy your sweet Taste. As a food stylist, she also offers the best advice regarding décor, so remember to check out her site!


What a mouth-watering and stomach-tingling adventure! Among the most influential groups in India, these food bloggers are quickly expanding their reach and driving more revenue.

On average, foodies check Instagram 18 times daily, and the hashtag #food is used in 250 million monthly postings. Instagram videos that show recipes or dishes from are hugely popular on the social media platform.

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