Solar-Powered Luxury Destinations

Traveling the World in Solar-Powered Luxury Destinations

Eco staycation is a growing trend in the tourism industry. For green-thinking people who like going across the world on the lookout for environmentally friendly luxury experiences to do in Thailand, hotels, and cottages, this is the page for you. Read on.

Watergate Lodge in Cornwall, South West England

A lot of properties for rent in the United Kingdom, like many homes that adapted solar PV Cheshire, source their electricity from renewable resources. This brand new beach house, just 400 metres from the Watergate Bay Beach, is one of them. It can accommodate 10 to 12 guests in a 5-bedroom contemporary estate powered with solar panels. On top of its impressive green credentials, Watergate Lodge also boasts a huge roof terrace offering scenic views over the valley and many other world-class features.

Svart, Norway

Svart, the world’s first energy-positive destination, is using solar technology to reduce its consumption by 85% compared to the other hotels of such class. This circular hotel slated right above the Arctic circle is a stunning sight, offering an experience of the real value of living through unspoiled nature. Beyond the striking architecture and the breath-taking surroundings, it seeks to inspire the protection and preservation of the pristine region. And if you are into art and culture, then Toronto can be a good consideration to visit. Also, Toronto is considered quite safe for travel.

Garonga Safari Camp, South Africa

This luxury camp in the Makalali Conservancy charges 30% of its energy consumption on solar panels. It also worked out everything to create significant changes on how they treat food and natural wastes as well as used water to make them useful still. All those green efforts, together with special indulgences of an unforgettable safari retreat is an experience that nourishes the soul in more ways than one.

Chewton Glen, Hampshire

Get in touch with nature in this 130-acre estate of rustic accommodations that run on solar panels. The hotel thrives in air-source heat pumps and harvested rainwater, leaving the tiniest carbon footprint possible. It also has a walled orchard and garden, where the fruits, vegetables, edible flowers, and herbs are sourced. Chewton Glen is also a destination of biodiversity, building local populations of flora and fauna.

Kachi Lodge, Bolivia

Kachi exclusively operates on solar technology and has an impressive water management system. It also constantly works toward sustainability. At the same time, it strives to keep guests comfortable, cosy, and duly impressed. With its location at the foot of Tunupa volcano in Bolivia, Kachi is hard to miss. Its six domes seemingly float with a breath-taking vista at 3,660m elevation reinvents glamping all over again. This is undoubtedly a great choice for luxurious adventures, featuring a mirror-like salar view during the rainy season and a picturesque crystalline landscape for the rest of the year.

Ecotourism has captured the hearts of many. The opportunity to enjoy massively enriching travel experiences while taking care of the environment is most sought after. Good thing, there are varying choices globally to take an adventure of a lifetime in energy-positive destinations. These luxurious staycation spots will keep you thrilled, in a green environment that will keep you true to your sustainable lifestyle.

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