Treasure at Tampines: Few Reasons to form This Your New Home

When it involves finding a neighborhood to live , you’ll view it as merely a neighborhood to rest your head after an extended day of labor . Or see your home as your sanctuary – a respite where you’ll shake the surface world and luxuriate within the fun and thus the freedoms of home. Either way, Treasure at Tampines is that the proper place for you.

Singapore is one of the foremost popular tourist destinations, with roughly 17 million tourists once a year . the utmost amount fun because it’s to travel to Singapore, imagine what proportion better it’d be to live there. In Singapore, nearly 92% of its residents are homeowners, making it one of the only places to possess a home. Many Singaporeans sleep publicly government housing, which is kind of lovely, and thus the rest of the Singaporeans live-in privately-owned housing.

If you’re trying to seek out a home that provides every conceivable amenity possible, provides a superb sense of community and is affordable, look no further.

Jack goes to steer you thru 11 reasons why your life are getting to be undeniably better once you progress to (or invest in) Treasure at Tampines today.

Careful to not drool an excessive amount of.

Treasure at Tampines is that the Cheapest New Launch Condo

In Singapore, for brand spanking new launch condos released purchasable in 2019, the quality going price to have a condo is usually $1 million or higher. There are only a couple of condominiums that start less than that at around $670,000 for a 1-bedroom.

Treasure at Tampines is that the Cheapest New Launch Condo

Treasure at Tampines is significantly cheaper, starting at $585,000 (for the bottom , 1-bedroom units) on its launch day on March 15, 2019. This fantastic price gathered the eye of consumers fast, and therefore the units are selling quickly.

At this moment, the entry price is about $645,000 for the bottom 1-bedroom condo while the five-bedroom (1,722sqft) starts at only $1,886,000 (nearly anything that size in Singapore would cost upwards of $2 million!). Please note that price updates are dynamic, and this page might not always reflect the foremost current price. If you would like to understand the foremost recent price, call +65 61005188 or use the whatsapp chat button on the left!

Treasure at Tampines Developer (Sim Lian Group)

Most people might gloss over who the developer of their condo is; however, during this case, the developer is one among its biggest pluses. The Sim Lian Group is legendary around Singapore for developing and constructing a number of the foremost diverse, functional, and delightful properties. The Sim Lian group has been around for over 40 years and has relatively humble beginnings.

Treasure at Tampines Developer

According to its website, “Sim Lian Group has fostered a culture of excellence guided by its prudent and long-term view on all business opportunities. Not only do the inherent tenacity, resilience, and determination imbued within the Group form the idea of its groups, it also enables the Group to know the journey and aspirations of people , families, investors, businesses, and communities during which it provides for.”

The Group prides itself in providing opportunities for people to jumpstart and achieve milestones in their life (like owning a personal home at a reasonable price).

So, not only did the developer create a stunning condominium project with all the bells and whistles, it also created homes with you in mind in order that you’ll confidently know that what they need come up with at Treasure at Tampines is very practical, functional, and efficient – while also feeling sort of a resort.

Because of their well-known reputation, you’ll rest assured that Treasure at Tampines, being a Sim Lian condo development, are going to be a product of quality.

Treasure at Tampines Location

The town of Tampines earned its name after the ‘Tempinis’ tree. In Tampines’ youth , those trees were abundant within the area. Development began in Tampines within the 1980s as a part of the Singapore Housing and Development Board (HDB) initiative during the housing crisis in 1960. Upon its completion, Tampines was awarded the planet Habitat Award in 1992 recognizing it as an innovative and successful human settlement.

Treasure at Tampines Location

Tampines is altogether |one amongst|one in every of”> one among the foremost sought-after towns to measure in in all of Singapore and in 2013, HBD launched “Future Homes, Better Lives” which essentially means they’re building new housing throughout Tampines. We expect this to possess a big impact on those that buy private properties during this location. the rise in vibrancy, new common facilities, improved infrastructure and accessibility are all things the customer who buys a Treasure At Tampines unit can anticipate to within the days ahead.

Aside from its exciting history, Tampines is also home to the Tampines Eco-green which showcases different natural habitats just like the freshwater wetlands and rainforest. Visitors can access the Eco-green via a biking trail and may also hang around at the Sun Plaza Park.

In addition to the Eco-green, Treasure at Tampines is additionally home to the Our Tampines Hub, which is that the first integrated community and lifestyle hub in Singapore. The Our Tampines Hub features a plethora of sports facilities, a regional library, a Festive Arts Center and more.

Treasure at Tampines Amenities

Within the grounds of Treasure at Tampines, may be a world of amenities. 128 facilities to be precise. there’s an outsized pool where you’ll swim, play, or relax within the sun. The complex also has an outside CrossFit gym also as an inside fully functional gym with dance studios, cardio equipment, and strength training machines and equipment.

There are many children’s playgrounds, a tenant activity room, meeting and banquet halls, and event spaces. Residents can bike along the Tampines Bicycle path and luxuriate in nature and wildlife at the Butterfly Garden.

Each of the condos at Treasure at Tampines has an incredibly functional layout featuring large halls and bedrooms. Additionally, there’s a balcony on every apartment that faces a slew of desirable views just like the pool, a park, greenery, etc. there’s also a utility room in each apartment for a washer and dryer.

Are You able to Call Treasure at Tampines Your New Home?

If you’re looking to maneuver to Singapore from elsewhere or move within Singapore, Treasure at Tampines is a superb place to call home if you’re looking to remain within the eastern side of Singapore and need access to an outsized sort of facilities within a thriving community.

You will be ready to cash in of all that Tampines has got to offer. With contemporary architecture, beautifully lush greenery, and gorgeously landscaped grounds, you’ll desire you’re living during a real work of art.

If the urban lifestyle is for you, there are numerous different shops and restaurants that you simply can frequent. However, if the more rural and natural life is for you, there are countless reserves and natural parks within quick access of Treasure at Tampines floor plan that you simply can enjoy. From dawn to dusk, there’s truly something for everybody young, old, big, and little to enjoy at Treasure at Tampines.

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