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Tricks to Make your Hair Grow Faster

Let him throw the first stone that after giving himself a short cut, then he wanted his hair to grow faster to show off his hair again and much healthier and stronger. From a gentle brushing to a light cut, using the shampoo in a balanced way and not skipping the step of putting conditioner on your hair or finishing rinsing it with cold water become strategies that work … These are the 10 best tricks to do! Grow your hair faster!

Consider Trying Supplements that Stimulate your Hair Growth

Your body needs many vital nutrients to generate new hair, from a large amount of protein to a large amount of essential minerals. So take a look at your diet because while a balanced diet helps you show off your melenon, you may not be getting the right amount of all the nutrients necessary for healthy hair that can grow longer and resist more damage. Nutricosmetics rich in zinc, biotin as well hair fibers can help you grow more hair and stronger hair follicle. But, always check with your doctor to make sure you are taking the correct amounts.

2. Use the Conditioner Every Time you use your Shampoo

Sometimes we forget but if you do, your hair will grow more slowly. With the passage of time, the hair dryer, the irons and the constant coloring refine the hair and make it more fragile and brittle, thinning the fiber from the middle to the ends. And the conditioner is a basic that helps replace lipids and proteins in the hair fiber and helps seal the cuticle to help prevent further damage and make your hair grow longer and healthier.

3. Do not use or Overdo the Shampoo Every Time you Shower

The purpose of the shampoo is to remove dirt and product residues, but it can also remove the oily layer of the scalp that keeps the fiber and hair strands soft and healthy. And when using the shampoo, lather your scalp and then let the lather slide from medium to ends as you rinse it with water.

4. Rinse your Hair with Cold Water at the end of each Shower

This habit will actually help your hair grow faster and keep your long hair healthy for longer. Cold water helps prevent hair dehydration, snagging, and heat tool damage to your mane. It’s not that bad either, you just have to clear it up for a few seconds but this extra step in time can make a big difference.

5. Apply an Oil or Hair Mask at Least once a Week on your Hair

If you have long hair for years, it will be even more necessary for you to provide it with more nutrition because not only will a normal conditioner suffice. The ideal is to hydrate it with hair growth oil and masks weekly. You can even make a homemade hair mask or use a natural oil like coconut or avocado before shampooing. You will remove residues from your hair. Apply them for at least 10 minutes and then your shampoo and conditioner.

These hair growth products for african american hair are able to nourish and fill the fiber and the hair shaft with their fatty acids and then rinse using a shampoo regularly that helps to seal the hair from the inside.

6. Ironically, Scissors are your New Best Friend

Although inserting the scissors regularly to fix the ends will not make your hair grow faster, it will keep them healthy and prevent them from splitting up and having to cut your hair more often. “If you wait too long to fix them, you will cause them to open too much and your hair will grow less in the long run by not keeping them uniform.” Ask your hairdresser to do it by a few inches every three months or so.

7. Brush your Hair Gently. Constant Brushing can cause Physical Damage to your Mane

If you detangle it with wet hair, make sure to start from the bottom up because we usually do it the other way around and go from the scalp down and that makes the little knots turn into little knots and makes your hair fall out and make it more brittle and brittle. Choose a brush with soft bristles and that respects your mane.

8. Ditch your Cotton Pillowcase and go for a Silk or Satin one

And switch to a silk or satin one, as it has a smoother surface that won’t cause friction the way cotton regularly does to your hair. This way, you will wake up with less knots and tangles in your mane.

9. Don’t Dry your Hair with a Huge, Heavy Towel

It will make your hair weigh and cause the hair fiber to break and fall, so be careful how you dry your hair! Because your hair can end up trapped in it, especially the fragile strands that are often more prone to breakage. Always choose a microfiber towel to make the turban and dry your hair after washing it.

10. Alternate the Position of your Ponytails

It is a gesture or movement that can keep your hair fiber intact and make your hair grow strong and free of damage. And of course, let your hair breathe without dyes and without thermal tools from time to time from treatments or treatments that cause damage to your hair. Remember that the healthier your hair is, the longer it will grow.

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