Useful Tips for Fitness Freaks

Useful Tips for Fitness Freaks: How to Reach Your Goals

If you’re on your way to get a perfect summer body or just want to better your health, you already know that you have to watch your calories and hit the gym. No one got in shape by watching Netflix and eating chips. However, there might be some things that you didn’t know that can help you reach your goals faster.

Calculate your BMI

It’s not a great idea to start dieting and exercising without goals. So to set your goal, you might want to use a BMI calculator. Many people feel that it’s not the most accurate way to measure ideal body weight, but if you’re just a beginner, it will help you set some healthy goals. It’s certainly not perfect, but it’s pretty useful for most.

Don’t abandon cardio

Lifting weights is all the craze right now and for all the good reasons. It’s great for losing weight, gaining muscles, increasing stamina and getting ripped. However, don’t completely neglect cardio, no matter what your goals are. Cardiovascular activities are great for your heart, lungs and circulatory system health, and they can help you burn calories faster. If you’re not into classic cardio like running or cycling, you can try HIIT that will boost your calorie-burning without eating into your hard-earned muscle. Do cardio at least two times a week and you will get a nice break from the iron. Mixing cardio with weights will give your muscles time to relax and grow, and you’ll be in top shape to lift heavy.

Be smart with supplements

Supplements often have a bad reputation, but if you invest in the real deal, they can get you closer to your goal faster and easier. Before you cash out, make sure to look at the label and study what it contains. Any good women pre workout usually contains caffeine for stimulation, beta-alanine and creatine for increased energy, adaptogens that help your body adapt to stress and afromomum melegueta if you want to burn more calories. Supplements like these will pay off physically, but also put you into workout mode so you’re psychologically ready to crush your workout!

Be adventurous with your diet

Sure, chicken breasts, broccoli and rice are a great diet combo that will provide you with protein, fiber and carbs. However, they get old pretty fast. To mix things up and not get sick of your bland diet, eat fish, eggs, red meat and other sources of protein. Also, leafy greens are amazing for health and fitness. Each food has a different vitamin and mineral composition and you need all of them to stay healthy, focused and strong.

Find a workout buddy

If discipline is not your strongest suit, find a workout buddy to keep you motivated and accountable. Finding someone who will inspire you to hit the gym or cook something healthy will do wonders for your fitness. You two can push each other, share experiences and be there to offer support. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy a wider variety of exercises, many of which you can only do with a partner.

Get a cold bath

You might feel great mentally after a grueling workout, but your muscles might feel sore and tired. Well, rest is very important for recovery, but you can speed it up with cold baths. Relieve those post-workout pains by taking an icy bath and stay submerged for 10 to 15 minutes. You will feel invigorated and your achy muscles will thank you!

Sleep is crucial

Rest is just as important for fitness as working out, so even though you probably have a nine-to-five job, chores and other obligations, you need to find time to rest, more importantly, sleep. Seven or eight hours of uninterrupted sleep will keep you strong, recover your muscles and give you motivation. If you’re tired after work, take a 20-minute nap to restart before hitting the gym. This nap won’t mess with your sleep schedule and you will feel full of energy.

Getting in shape is not rocket science, but it involves a lot of sacrifices and motivation. However, when you have a few tips to rely on, everything will go more smoothly.

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