Choose An Inflatable Paddle Board

Useful Tips On How To Choose An Inflatable Paddle Board

Everything You Need To Know About Inflatable Paddle Board So That You Can Choose One That Is Right For You

Paddleboards are quite a popular purchase nowadays. There are so many fun things one can do on it that more people are choosing to buy it for their recreational purposes. However, there are so many options available along with a plethora of things that you need to consider before buying one that is perfect for you, that the task can be a little stressful. One easy way to choose the right paddle board is to understand which ones are right for different water bodies and styles.

Flat Water Paddle Board

Flatwater bodies include lakes, ponds, and marshes. If you are a beginner or intermediate paddler then you can use all-around inflatable SUP models. This is because flat water bodies provide an easy environment for people who want to learn how to paddleboard. An all-around model will provide stability which is an important factor for beginners. These paddleboards are also easy to maneuver making them one of the easiest types to use.

Touring Water Paddle Boards

The touring water paddle inflatable boards are best used by intermediate to expert paddlers. It is good for use in bays, larger lakes, and also oceans. You should opt for these paddleboards if you are looking at covering long distances and exploring more. The touring model paddleboards can help you to move more efficiently as compared to the traditional ones. You will be able to glide on the water and get more speed for long distances. If you want to explore the oceans and bays and larger lakes, then this should be the best fit for you.

Surfing Paddle Boards

If you are the types who want to take advantage of good waves then you should go for an inflatable surfing paddleboard. These are good for intermediate and expert level paddlers but there are versions available for beginners as well. You will be able to ride waves easily and also maneuver efficiently. It allows you to make sharper turns as per your need.

All Locations Paddle Boards

When you are not sure where you will be riding your paddleboard then you can take an inflatable board that comes in for general use. These are the portable and ideal choices for beginners and intermediate levels. They can be deflated easily and bring you value for money.

Choosing The Right Paddle Board For Yourself

Choosing The Right Paddle Board For Yourself

As a beginner, your goal should be to have fun on the water and explore the paddleboarding activities on it. You can learn on calm waters and then eventually move to more choppy waters. As a professional, you can try Yoga and fishing SUPs to up your hobby levels. Apart from your experience with this activity you also need to consider the right sizes of the board. The paddleboard should be able to float you properly as per your experience level and your weight. The weight of the board itself will not matter so much. You must take the length, width, and thickness of the paddleboard to determine which size is right for you.

Apart from choosing the paddle boards, you will also need to be familiar with the common fit setup needed. A single fin is one where there is one large fin at the back center of the board near the tail. The second one which is more common is the one that has one large fin in the center and two small ones on the left and right. These help to maneuver through turns more easily. The third type is the one with 4 fins. These are helpful for giving extra board grip.

Preparation For Paddle Boarding

Once you are sure you know which paddleboarding to get, you will also need to prepare yourself for it. Firstly make sure you have all the safety gear like the leash as well as learn how to swim properly. It is recommended to go with someone who is a professional during your first few experiences. While you learn, you will also need the support of good weather conditions. If the winds are too harsh then you will not be able to learn how to stabilize properly on your board. So take a look at the weather forecast before you go out for practice.

Do proper warm-up exercises before you start this activity so that you are not prone to any cramps. You can also follow it up with a good full-body stretch. Enjoy your paddling experience but be wary and alert.

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