Wall stickers and decals for home design: Why are they worth a second look?

Have you been stumbling over wall decals recently, but are just not sure whether they are right for you? Or are you on the hunt for inspiration beyond the generic “live, laugh, love” designs? 

In this article, we will show you how versatile wall decals and stickers are and why they are perfect for a quick and effective home makeover. 

Before we jump into the many reasons why you should try out wall decals, let us have a brief look at the terms used to refer to wall decals and stickers.

Stickers and decals: What is the difference?

The sticker universe can be confusing at times: stickers, graphics, labels, decals – but what is the difference? The answer is, there is no fundamental difference between these terms. They all refer to pieces of paper or plastic with an adhesive back. 

It can, however, be helpful to keep in mind, why sticker printers make these distinctions. Sticker are individually cut, while labels arrive on sheets. Through that, labels are easier and faster to peel, perfect for product labels. Decals are individually cut like stickers, but are usually larger, which is why wall stickers are also often referred to as decals. 

Other than standard vinyl stickers, wall stickers and decals are not printed. Instead, they are cut from a piece of vinyl. They are then “weeded”. This means the vinyl around the cut will be removed, leaving your design. This means, every individual piece of your design can be peeled. 

Wall decals and stickers do not have a background, but each element can be applied individually. Other vinyl stickers can be used to create a similar effect, like transparent stickers for example, as their see-through background blends in with any surface. Wall decals, on the other hand, come with a transfer tape on top of your design. This holds the individual pieces together and makes their application easier. 

Now that we have covered the terminology, let us look at why exactly wall decals can be your secret interior design weapon. 

  1. Create immediate effects 

All you have to do when your wall decals arrive is apply them. It is one of the easier interior design trends and will create an immediate effect. 

You do not need to spend hours learning how to apply them or buy special glue. This will save you a lot of time and frustration while still ensuring a great end result. 

  1. Leave your mark without leaving a mark 

Wall decals are made to stick, yet will not leave any adhesive residue when you want to remove them, making them perfect for rented spaces.  You can check out these tips on how to remove the stickers from StickerYou.

This way, you can personalize your apartment or house without having to worry about repainting when you want to move on.

Using custom wall stickers also means that you will not be stuck with generic designs. Instead, you can choose or create your own design to really get your personality on your walls. 

  1. Low-cost makeover option

In general, vinyl stickers are a low-cost option. You will usually only be charged for the material used. This makes wall decals perfect for a home makeover on a budget while not skipping that amazing effect. 

Are you new to wall stickers? Then make sure your supplier will send you a digital design proof before printing and cutting your stickers. This way, you can make sure you will be getting exactly what you want.

  1. No need to commit  

As wall stickers are both cost-effective and easy to remove, there is absolutely no need to stick to one design. Instead, you can change your style or add to it any time you would like to. 

Instead of having to remove and reapply wallpaper or repainting, you can simply order a new design online and have it delivered within a few days.  

That is why we love these seasonal decals below. Why not get what you love on your walls? All you need on a cozy fall day like that are a bunch of movies, a hot drink and a cuddly blanket – and absolutely no stress when changing to your Christmas decals. 

       And that was four reasons why you should give wall decals a try and get your own set of customized stickers. Are you already using wall stickers? Then we would love to see your creations. Please feel free to share them below. Should you have any questions, please also leave them in the comments below.

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