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Way Composite Fencing is better than Wood Fencing

For more than a century, wood fences have been the choice material for homeowners. They come in various styles, shapes, and colours (especially when they are stained). In many areas of the United Kingdom, there has been a huge departure from wood fences because they are susceptible to rot and moisture, which shortens the materials’ lifespan.

However, with the introduction of composite fences in the early 1990s, homeowners heaved a sigh of relief. This is because the composite fence is a low-maintenance alternative to the wood fence. It provides the aesthetic appeal of the wood fence without the problem of high maintenance.

Temporary Fencing system that provides the same level of Safety and Security as a permanent fence. The composite fence board is made of many different materials, glued together during the process of production. This contributes to the strength and resilience that composites are known for. Through pultrusion, resins are added to the product to manufacture a finished product of superior quality. Perhaps not surprisingly, composites have emerged as the most environmentally friendly fencing option in the market.

While wood fences are typically cheaper than composite fences, they often require regular treatment or staining to elongate their lifespan. Wood fences have the disadvantage of high maintenance as they will need staining or repairing after every one or two years. Wood fences also require preservatives, sealants, and pesticides over the next few years. For this reason, wood fencing maintenance costs can eventually surpass the cost of composite fencing.

When deciding which is best for your fencing needs, you must consider factors like durability, aesthetic appeal or beauty, cost, and maintenance. Let’s show you why composite fences are better than wooden fences.


In today’s eco-conscious society, most conversations revolve around ‘green living’ and ‘saving the planet.’ It is never a bad time to use eco-friendly products such as composite fences.

As we mentioned above, the composite fence comprises a mixture of materials that have been industrially glued tightly. The primary materials used in the production of composite fences are plastic and wood fibers. The fusion of these materials contributes to strength and resilience, allowing it to be weather-resistant.

Aesthetic Appeal

Composite fencing planks are available in a wide variety of colours to blend with your property’s aesthetics. You can find composite fencing planks in every colour, from orange to white to peach to desert sand. Whatever is your home’s architectural design, a composite fence will surely bring out the beauty in it.

Easy to Maintain

One of the most desirable features of composite fencing is the ease of maintenance. It doesn’t require painting or staining. You can easily wash accumulated dirt away with a garden hose. This low maintenance feature will save you money, time, and energy in the long run.

Long lastingness

Another awesome benefit of composite fencing is its durability. The fence is not susceptible to rot and warp like traditional wood fences. Even more, composite fences do not rust like the wrought iron fence.

The composite fence has the additional advantage of being able to withstand harsh weather conditions and pests.

Highly Lucrative Investment

Composite fencing might be a little more expensive to purchase when compared to wood fencing. However, composite fencing is low maintenance and has a long lifespan that outperforms every expectation. Furthermore, you won’t have to spend more cash on staining, repairs, and treatment.

Easy installation

Many homeowners prefer composite fencing to wood fencing because of the ease of installation. In direct contrast to wood fencing, it does not require any special equipment or machinery for set up.

Tools or equipment for installation are expensive to purchase, and they are considered a huge misspending since they are used just once for installation.


Composite fencing and wooden fences are on par in the area of aesthetics and design.

Composite fencing is available in colours and textures that strongly resemble oak, cedar, and other wood types. It is difficult to tell them apart at first glance! However, the composite deck has additional benefits of low maintenance, durability, and eco-friendliness. Visit G&B Quality Cedar Products to order cedar fence posts.

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