Ways to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency Instantly

As a crypto enthusiast or investor, you need to know different ways to buy and sell digital coins instantly. Sometimes, you will need to cash out or top up your digital currencies quickly. For example, if the price of Bitcoin is on a downward trend and you want to save yourself from imminent losses, you should sell your bitcoins quickly.

You also need to know how to buy and sell cryptocurrency instantly to take advantage of profitable opportunities. When the Bitcoin price seems promising and a good opportunity exists to but a low price, you buy immediately. And if you find a better way to invest the amount you currently have in Bitcoin, you should sell the digital coin instantly and invest in that venture.

Here are some ways to buy and sell bitcoin instantly:

Using Bitcoin ATMs

Crypto ATMs are automated machines that work as tellers to allow people to buy and sell crypto. Unlike conventional ATMs that connect to bank accounts, crypto ATMs connect to Bitcoin wallets and instead of a bank card, the crypto ATMs use crypto wallets as the repositories from which cryptocurrencies are withdrawn or deposited.

To use a Bitcoin ATM to buy or sell Bitcoin instantly, you need first to find the nearest ATM. You can use online tools to do so. It is vital to note that not all ATMs support both buying and selling BTC. Some machines support one function—either buying or selling. Transacting at the ATM is not complicated, and you follow a few simple steps, including scanning your wallet’s QR code, validating your identity, and confirming the transaction.

The advantage of using Bitcoin ATMs to buy and sell BTC instantly is that they are convenient and fast. They also operate round the clock and help to deal in bitcoins in situations where other methods may not work. However, Bitcoin ATMs have a few disadvantages. For example, they have higher transaction fees than other methods and may not work for very large transactions.

Using crypto exchanges

Crypto exchanges are one of the best ways to buy or sell. They are platforms that act as a one-stop place to buy or sell digital currencies conveniently at affordable transaction fees. You need to identify the best cryptocurrency exchange platform and open an account with them, and after that, you can transact on the platform.

Most exchanges allow users to transact online, but some have physical offices where crypto investors can walk in and buy or sell their digital currencies. For example, if you are in Turkey, you should consider NakitCoins, one of the country’s leading exchanges. It enables people to buy and sell crypto in secure offices at affordable fees within a few minutes.

The advantages of using crypto exchanges to buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly are that they have a variety of coins, have reasonable charges, and can accommodate big transactions. On the other hand, crypto exchanges have some disadvantages, such as not having too many ways to receive and make payments. The majority may also not allow anonymous transacting because you must submit your identification documents and have them verified.


If you want to know how to buy and sell cryptocurrency instantly, you now know how to do it after reading this article. You can use crypto ATMs or exchanges.

In addition, you can sell to or buy directly from people who are near you. The crucial thing is to ensure the method you choose is safe, secure, and works best for you.

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