Ways to Choose the Right Cooking Oil and Keep Your Health in Check

As a result of lifestyle changes, there is no better time to keep your health in check than now.  After all, what you put on your plate says a lot about your health situation. Have more junk food on your plate, and you’ll be highly susceptible to health complications such as high blood pressure and heart attack.

One notable area you should focus on while preparing your meals is cooking oil to use. Whereas almost anyone can pour oil into a pan and cook their favorite meal, only a handful can choose the right cooking oil.  Remember, cooking oils are not one-size-fits-all. So how do you go about choosing the best cooking oil for your needs and keeping your health in check?  Keep on reading to find out more!

  • Examine the Quality of Raw Ingredients

By now, you may already be aware of the different raw ingredients present in cooking oil.  While they differ in numerous ways, it is in your best interest to factor in the quality of these raw ingredients.   Remember, the quality of raw materials relied upon determines the quality of cooking oil that ends up in your pan.

To have a smooth ride, you’re better off buying organic oils.  While some people prefer to go with non-organic oils, they may pack pesticides and environmental toxins.  Using such oils for a prolonged period could lead to numerous health complications.

  • Use Freshly Extracted Cooking Oil

It is now possible to produce 100% pure chemical-free cooking oil at home. Although it may sound like a toll order for many, this is not always the case. Now more than ever, you can buy an oil extraction machine online, and forget all about refined oil.  When using an unrefined oil, you get more flavor, nutrients, beneficial minerals, and enzymes.

The secret lies in buying an oil press machine that processes various types of seeds and nuts.  Having such a machine in your kitchen ensures you rely on pure, nutrient-rich oil.  Either way, be sure to use the unrefined oil for very low heat cooking since it contains lower smoke points.

  • Try Blended Cooking Oil

To get the health benefits you seek from cooking oil, ensure you factor in the balance of MUFA and PUFA before parting with your hard-earned money.  In a nutshell, these are fatty acids present in cooking oil and ensure you reap maximum benefits.  The best way to go about this is by settling on blended oils.

Blended oils boast the perfect balance of MUFA and PUFA fatty acids. That’s possible since they combine the benefits of more than two oils. Not only does it help reduce bad cholesterol in your body, but it also builds immunity.

Final Thoughts

Never allow the stress of adapting to the ‘new normal’ to take a toll on your overall health. Try as much as possible to make healthy food part of your diet by making small changes.  And one of the best ways to go about this is by choosing the right cooking oil.

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