Oil-free Air Compressor

What are the Benefits of Having an Oil-free Air Compressor?

Undeniably, air compressors are immensely helpful and they’re very versatile. From being used for grease guns, sandblasters, auto repairs, inflating tyres and serving as equipment to power an artist of tools to being used for hammering, spraying, sanding, and nailing, these machines do help out to handle several activities at the workplace.

Whether you’re just making your first-time purchase or you’re making plans to upgrade your current air compressor, it’s important that you go for an air compressor that will positively influence your productivity level and at the same time not cause damage to the environment and this is where oil-free air compressors come into the picture.

You can lessen your use of fossil fuels and reduce your carbon footprint when you choose the right air compressor and, going for an efficient oil-free air compressor system is a worthy decision to make.

People who purchase an oil-free air compressor get to enjoy a double bonus of reduction in running costs and waste and carbon emissions too, and if you’re someone who’s hoping to begin a positive change with the small changes that start at work, investing in a suitable and quality oil less air compressor is a fine way to go.

What do you Stand to Enjoy When you use an Oil-free Air Compressor?

Less maintenance. If you’re looking for a compressor that won’t keep giving you maintenance worries every now and then, you should consider getting an oil less air compressor.

Traditional air compressors come with different stresses; you’ll have to remove oil aerosols by using filtration and different elements, your time and money will suffer over oil changes and disposal, and you can’t even use the compressor anyhow because the design will determine how much you can use it plus the regular oil changes can be annoying too. Imagine the freedom you enjoy when it’s an oil-free air compressor you use.

Lighter to lift. Traditional air compressors are very heavy and this is one of their huge downsides. Oil-free compressors help you spray paint an area, provide air to smaller machines, and they’re very handy for filling tires. The fact that they do make for smaller or medium-sized jobs at home makes them a solid choice anyone can go for. Do you even know that some traditional air compressors can be as heavy as 100 pounds?

Whereas, the weight is not usually more than 30 pounds for oilless compressors. There are fewer parts inside oil-free air compressors and this is why they’re quite easier to lift.

Lower costs. You can save energy and fuel costs when you use oil-free air compressors. When your compressors aren’t in use, you can get them turned off by using the automatic shut-off switches that come with them. You can use the energy you need just when you want to because of the regulators most oil-free compressors have.

More so, you won’t have to make many replacements or repairs because they do come with fewer parts. Oilless compressors are built to last and in addition to their simple design, they also cost less. Investing in oil-free compressors is a way to save money.

Multiple uses. You can tilt oil-free air compressors in diverse directions and there won’t be any leakage problem since they’re oil-free. Depending on your task, you can move your oil-free compressor vertically or horizontally and you can transport it easily because of the lighter weight and smaller size.

Getting to operate your compressor in more than one direction is truly a blessing; a blessing you can gracefully enjoy when you’re using an oil less compressor and not a traditional one.

Faster starts. If you want to enjoy using an air compressor that starts faster, you should consider going for one that is oilless. Irrespective of what the temperature is, oil-free compressors can start much faster.

Oil-based compressors are not capable enough to work at colder temperatures and they tend to be harder to move because the oil will be more viscous. Oil-based compressors tend to be slow to start when they’re used in a cold garage and this is simply because they usually need more amps to begin working.

Environmentally friendly. There’s this peace of mind you enjoy when you use oil-free air compressors when you don’t want to encounter oil contamination and at the same time enjoy doing your tasks that demand clean and oil-free air.

Understanding that damage can be caused by the smallest drop of oil, air purity is crucial for some tasks. Tasks that have to do with medicine, paper, and food can be conveniently done with oil-free compressors. You’ll be reducing costs and saving the environment when you use oil less compressed air systems, irrespective of what you need to complete or the type of task you’re handling.

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