Combat Knives

What Are the Different Types of Combat Knives?

Did you know that scientists have discovered stone blades that are more than half a million years old?

Needless to say, knives have been loyal companions to ancient and modern humans alike. For a tool that’s this ancient, you can rest assured that there will be different iterations and types of knives, depending on the age in question, and its main purpose.

Of course, through our human history that’s mired in conflict, there’s a whole separate category for the different types of combat knives. But, if this is your first foray into the world of blades, no worries. You’ve come to the right place.

Keep on reading for our full breakdown of all things related to combat knives, specifically the different variety of combat and technical knives you can find on the market.

Types of Combat Knives 101: Trench Knives

We can’t really start our deep dive into the different types of combat knives, without beginning our journey with trench knives.

Those are some of the oldest iterations of combat knives in modern history. Trench knives were specifically designed for close-quarters enemy combat. This is the main reason behind its popularity during World War I.

They were named trench knives as they were the perfect tool for dispatching enemy sentries in the midst of trench raids.

Make-Shift Tools: Theater Knives

In the midst of war and other chaotic situations, theater knives were born.

These are knives that were made on the spot by soldiers in the field, using any sharp object on hand. Whether it’s a broken piece from a bayonet or a large piece of shrapnel, it’s something that’s sharp and could do a lot of damage.

Anything that was considered “knife worthy” was molded into a theater knife.

Old School Knives: Daggers

Those are one of the oldest weapons coming in from the Islamic and Asiatic world in the middle-ages.

These are knives that are tapered in width, and double-edged for maximum damage. During that era, they were considered a scientific marvel for their effectiveness in combat against protective armor.

The Damascus knives are a subcategory of daggers. Known for their unique patterns, metalsmiths still create them until this day.

The USMC Fighting Utility Knife

Otherwise known as the Ka-Bar military knife, this is a knife that’s been a standard-issue military blade since the 1940s.

Originally produced for USCM members during World War II, it’s been a regular tool in many wars, including the Iraq war. These knives are still being issued to the United States Military Members of all stripes. And, it seems like it’ll be in rotation for a long time to come, to be passed down from one generation to the next.

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Most Popular Combat Knife: Bowie Knife

In our modern times, whenever someone mentions a combat knife, you’ll find that many people think about the bowie knife, also known as the fixation bowie knife.

Many different features distinguish the bowie knife from other combat knives of its generation.

This is a knife that comes with a wraparound checkered handle, with blade grooves and a seamless fit, specifically between the blade itself and the cross-guard. Also, it comes with thumb notches, a cross-guard cut-out, and spanner nuts, giving you a very dangerous knife and a rather distinctive weapon.

In addition to those qualities, the bowie knife is known for its great proportion and balance. With a long 7-inch blade, the whole knife reaches a little over 12 inches, starting from the handle to the tip.

The U.S. Navy Seals Signature Knife: The Seal Knife

This is the SOG Seal Knife, known more colloquially as the Seal knife. It’s a knife that was specifically made for this branch of the U.S. military.

After all, as one of the toughest training programs on the entire planet, they should have a weapon that fits their stringent requirements and could withstand the harsh training and conditions that those soldiers would be placed in.

The knife itself measures around 12 inches in total length. The blade alone is around 7 inches in length. What makes the blade so special is its powder coating, which protects t against oxidization and rust. In addition to the long ergonomic handle, you’ll see deep finger grooves that provide a fantastic grip, regardless of the different weather conditions.

Furthermore, the blade has an extended tang that gives you the ability to break glass and would be a great tool for all kinds of hammering purposes. The knife will come with a Nylon carry sheath, so you don’t have to worry about figuring out how to carry the blade safely. They’ve already done the work for you.

Other Technical Knife: The Hunting Knife

Admittedly, technically this isn’t a combat knife. However, we can’t really explore all the different kinds of blades, without giving a solid mention to the hunting knife.

Yet, in environments with many wildlife, you’ll find that hunting knives are rather commonly used for field dressing. This doesn’t have the same purpose as a hunting dagger, which is used to hunt game.

It’s the perfect tool for cutting (instead of stabling), with a single sharpened cutting edge on its blade and a rounded tip. Also, you’ll find that some hunting knives come with slightly curved blades. This makes it a lot easier to skin animals.

You might also find hunting knives that come with specialized blades, having a gut-hook, which is the perfect addition needed in the field. Especially, if you’re field-dressing large animals and need the extra range.

Facts About Knives: Unlocked

We know that it can be rather overwhelming to explore the different types of combat knives, especially for the newbies among us.

Hopefully, our explainer on the different types of combat knives, as well as what makes each of them unique, simplified your research process. Now, you can differentiate between a Ka-Bar and a Seal Knife, which is rather cool.

If you enjoyed our article, make sure to check out additional tips and tricks in our ammo and hunting section. There’s so much more where that came from.

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