Steps To Follow To Get Nourished Hair

What Are The Few Steps To Follow To Get Nourished Hair?

Your hair is the epitome of your beauty. It just completes your whole look. At times, we are so absorbed in taking care of our facial skin and body that we overlook another of the most important part of our body, our hair. Day-to-day travel at the office, college or other places back and forth leads to pollution getting accumulated in the hair resulting in frizz and breakage. For this, we often take external treatments and spas that might fix the issue, but only for the time being. If you are looking for a permanent resolution, then you must follow the below-mentioned hair care regimen that can get you naturally shining and nourished hair for life.

1.Use hot or warm oil

Use hot or warm oil

Warmer plant based hair oil penetrates deeper into the scalp and nourishes the roots better. A hot oil massage is anyway an amazing way to relax and destress after a long day. This promotes blood circulation to the scalp, which in turn helps in healthy hair growth. You should not miss oiling your hair at least once in a week. To add on to the benefit, comb your hair with Vega De-Tangling Comb after oiling to allow the oil to penetrate within better.

2. Choose paraben-free shampoo

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Paraben is a harmful chemical that irritates your scalp. This eventually leads to hair drying and hair loss. It is always recommended to use a paraben-free shampoo that soothes the scalp and also cleans it off well. Opt for vegan shampoos that are free of sulphate and other harsh chemicals which help in naturally cleansing of hair and scalp. A gentle shampoo not only results in shiny hair but also imparts strength to its root preventing hair fall. Use your hair brush only when your hair is air-dried.

3. Don’t miss out on a conditioner

Just as shampooing is an important factor that contributes to nourished hair, conditioning is crucial as much. Using a conditioner after cleansing adds that essential softness and luster to your hair. It even protects the hair from external damage and keeps it hydrated. Additionally, this imparts a beautiful natural shine and texture to your hair.

4. Hair mask

If you constantly feel like your hair looks malnourished and doesn’t have a smooth effect, it’s time that you welcome hair mask in your hair care regimen. A hair mask locks moisture in your hair making it nourished from within. Besides, it reduces breakage, imparts strength to the hair shaft and promotes growth. While applying a mask, you can also go for a hot towel steam for deeper and better penetration of the mask. Use a hair dryer with ionic technology that locks the natural moisture.

5. Hair serum for protection

Hair serum for protection

Hair serums act as a shield to the mane after all the pampering mentioned above. It locks in the nourishment and imparts a smoother and silkier texture. It helps in the smooth gliding of the comb and easily detangles your hair. Just apply a few drops on the damp mane and avoid massaging it on the scalp. You can get an instant shine that lasts day long.

6. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water plays an important role for your overall health, including your hair. It is important to drink at least the recommended 2 liters of water a day to keep yourself hydrated. A dehydrated body halts hair growth due to the lack of moisture in the body. Additionally, drinking less amount of water can also lead your hair to constant breakage and formation of split ends.

Nourished hair is a symbol of strength and good hair health. Following all the above steps are a staple in order to maintain good hair health. The more the care, the better the look and the fuller the volume. Follow this guide and ensure you maintain a good diet as well to attain healthy and strong hair.

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